Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Love Affair that Wasn't

A few weeks ago genius struck while I was in the shower (like moments of genius always do); my store-bought bath puff doodad was starting to come apart and I thought, why do I need to go to the store and buy a new one? Why can't I crochet up a whole slew of these poof things and just wash and dry them? It'll be brilliant! A quick search on Ravelry yielded just what I was looking for - I was one step closer to claiming yet another corner of my house with handmades. Earlier this week I finally CO for my little green lovely and I was completely smitten. It was a simple pattern and it resembles brain coral (i.e., perfect). Gave it a wash and dry and hung it up in the shower and it looked so cheery. I congratulated myself yet again for this stroke of genius. Needless to say I was eager to see how it worked out knowing full-well that I would love it and that I would then have the green light to crochet up my bath poof army.

May 21 2011 006

It was like trying to wash myself with a crumbly cannonball. So pissed. My rosy outlook has passed and though I am still mourning the idea of a bath poof army, at least I had the sense to try it out before I made myself more. But hey, now I can use the cotton I had set aside from the stash for all my would-be poofs (I was very gung-ho about this idea) for new washcloths :) Or brain coral should the minions need something like that for Science class ;)

There has been more knitting going on though. I whipped up a wee cable hat for little miss' Assistant Teacher to give as a gift to her best friend's daughter.

handknit may 013

And I've been on a roll with knitted washcloths and things.

dr who and others 011

The minions have had continued success at Tee Ball. I can't believe they only have 9 games left plus whatever end-of-season tournament they decide to put on.

another tee ball mosaic

They took a break from practicing to model the South Shore Lodge beanies I made out of the Dead Walleye Hat Trio leftovers. These two hats will be traveling to Canada with the FIL on his annual fishing trip which is coming right up!

South Shore Lodge Beanie Mosaic
dr who and others 040

And now for a bit of sad news.... 2 of my dye buddies were headed to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival over Mother's Day weekend. I was a bit later than I wanted to be when it came to finishing up the two projects for K but I made it and thought it would be fun for her to receive her handknits over that weekend. Things were washed and packaged and mailed out and the lady at the post office assured me that the package should arrive by that Saturday. It didn't. Can't win them all, right? The hotel was instructed to mark the package "Return to Sender" and I would just send it on to her once I got the package back. Thing is, I still haven't received the package. My handknits are lost somewhere in postal world. ;( So send me some positive waves so the Postal Friendlies can find my handknits and return them to me so I can get these two lovelies to their intended recipient :)

handknit may 009
handknit may 010
handknit may 020

In other news... Earlier today, the Dreams in Fiber family and I were heading out to see some friends that we haven't seen in about a year and the kids noticed a wee bird that was grounded. Don't know if it fell out of a nest or what but it sure wasn't flying anywhere. Hope nothing gets it...

wee bird 008_crop
wee bird 012
wee bird 003_crop

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Mason & Karen said...

I'm so glad you admitted that the loofa isn't all it's cracked up to be. I was trying so hard to like mine and just couldn't!