Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Reiman Gardens - Part 1, the Butterflies

I have posted about Reiman Gardens before but it is truly a great place to spend an afternoon.  The butterfly section is fantastic and each time you go (when you go once or twice a year like we do) is different because of the sculptures they have at the time and because different plants and flowers are in bloom.

One of these times I will get the photo that I want of the beautiful blue ones - they thwarted me once again last Summer.

DSC_1881 (2) DSC_1879 (2) DSC_1875 (2) DSC_1874 (2) DSC_1863 (2) DSC_1853 (2) DSC_1842 (2) DSC_1839 (2) DSC_1835 (2) DSC_1829 (2)DSC_1824 (2) DSC_1817 (2) DSC_1799 (2) DSC_1791 (2) DSC_1781 (2) DSC_1776 (2) DSC_1868 (2) DSC_1988 (2)

They seemed to have more of these giant moths this past Summer as well :)

 DSC_1827 (2) DSC_1790 (2) DSC_1808 (2)
We always stop by the butterflies first when we arrive, next up is the sculptures :)

At the Fair

The minions and I took our annual walk around the Fairgrounds shortly before they opened for their 2017 season. We got in just as they were putting up a fence around the entrances so I'm not quite sure how we'll get in this year but we'll see :)

Here are some photos from our loop.

DSC_1674 (2) DSC_1672 (2) DSC_1682 (2) DSC_1692 (2) DSC_1693 (2) DSC_1701 (2) DSC_1705 (2) DSC_1707 (2) DSC_1710 (2) DSC_1716 (2) DSC_1722 (2) DSC_1723 (2) DSC_1724 (2) DSC_1725 (2) DSC_1727 (2) DSC_1740 (2) DSC_1743 (2) DSC_1744 (2) DSC_1752 (2) DSC_1753 (2) DSC_1756 (2) DSC_1757 (2) DSC_1762 (2) DSC_1768 (2) DSC_1770 (2) DSC_1772 (2)

Eclipse and other August Odds and Ends

August 21st was the solar eclipse.  Everyone was going mad for this eclipse - you had to get the glasses and find somewhere to be, people were coming over from other countries to check it out, you couldn't travel anywhere along the total eclipse path because it was all booked up...  I was actually working that day so I timed it so I took a late lunch and picked up the kids and the hubby to go view the event.  We had a fairly good view of it from our driveway but I had this great idea to go to Thomas Mitchell Park, watch it there, and do my Foggrun at the same time.  Our neighbors went with us and unfortunately my great idea wasn't so great because as soon as we got there it started to downpour.  We regrouped, and drove around to try to find a clear spot and ended up in the Four Mile Elementary parking lot.  It was cool to see, but it was also a bit anticlimactic.  We had a few pairs of glasses that we passed around and used as a makeshift filer for our cameras.  The neighbors also made a safe viewer using a cereal box so that was fun to use as well.

DSC_2527 (2) DSC_2539 (2) DSC_2533 (2) DSC_2518 (2) DSC_2512 (2) DSC_2499 (2) DSC_2496 (2) DSC_2435 (2) 

We also headed to the in-law's lake house for a short weekend trip.

 DSC_2414 (2) DSC_2384 (2) DSC_2378 (2) DSC_2375 (2) DSC_2373 (2) DSC_2371 (2) DSC_2370 (2) DSC_2369 (2) DSC_2367 (2) DSC_2364 (2) DSC_2358 (2) DSC_2356 (2) DSC_2349 (2) DSC_2338 (2) DSC_2336 (2) DSC_2330 (2) DSC_2316 (2) DSC_2315 (2) DSC_2312 (2) DSC_2303 (2) DSC_2226 (2)

This was the first year that I can remember where I wished Summer would last longer. It was weird - usually the heat and humidity get to me and I am ready to bring on cooler temperatures by the 4th of July but I was really unhappy that the school year was going to start back up again. We had a lot of fun this Summer. Somehow both minions are in Middle School now! Back to School socks were made for both again this year but it was a bit warm and I really make them to make sure they have a warm pair that fits once the cooler temperatures return :)

 IMG_20170823_064759526 (2) 

Random full moon in August.

 DSC_1538 (2)

Also, I can't not include this photo - the minions were lucky enough to swim with Coach Cady again this past Summer - he has done such a great job with them!