Monday, November 27, 2017

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

A few weeks ago, little man was asked what age he could be if he could choose and after a bit of deliberation, he decided that 12 was his "best year".  Well buddy, I hope your 13th year is just as wonderful as your 12th was.  It has been such a privilege watching you grow up and I can't wait to see who you become! Here are some random shots of "his best year" so far :)

2017-11-26_07-55-23 2017-11-26_07-55-53 2017-11-26_07-57-17 2017-11-26_07-58-48 DSC_0263 (2) DSC_0454 (2) DSC_2101 (2) DSC_1724 (2) DSC_0546 (2) DSC_0594 (2) IMG_20170707_183427 (2) DSC_0081 (2) DSC_1554 (2) DSC_1668 (2) DSC_0111 (2) DSC_1111 (2) DSC_1230 (2) IMG_20170412_173532637_HDR (2) DSC_0440 (2) DSC_0714 (2) DSC_0418 (2) DSC_0780 (2) IMG_20170528_150826554 (2) IMG_20170121_120441588_HDR (2)
DSC_0102 (2)
IMG_20170208_164815087 (2)

I love you, little man.  Happy Birthday!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Annett Nature Center Outing

The minions and I wanted to take advantage of this mini window of slightly cooler temperatures so we headed South and meandered around the Annett Nature Center.  This is one of our favorite places to go and I can even get a bit of knitting done.

One of the things I really enjoy about going here is that even though the paths are the same, it's always different - different bugs, different birds, different sounds, different flowers are prominent, different stages of other plant life...

This is today's adventure (aka things that made me happy) in chronological order - more or less.

DSC_0492 (2) DSC_0493 (2) DSC_0494 (2) DSC_0504 (3) DSC_0508 (2) DSC_0509 (2) DSC_0510 (2) DSC_0515 (2) DSC_0516 (2) DSC_0518 (2) DSC_0524 (2) DSC_0526 (2) DSC_0528 (2) DSC_0532 (2) DSC_0535 (2) DSC_0542 (2) DSC_0543 (2) DSC_0546 (2) DSC_0549 (2) DSC_0551 (2) DSC_0554 (2) DSC_0560 (2) DSC_0564 (2) DSC_0569 (2) DSC_0575 (2) DSC_0576 (2) DSC_0577 (2)DSC_0578 (2) DSC_0580 (2) DSC_0585 (2) DSC_0594 (2) DSC_0604 (2) DSC_0606 (2) DSC_0607 (2) DSC_0610 (2) DSC_0615 (2) DSC_0618 (2) DSC_0626 (2) DSC_0634 (2) DSC_0636 (2) DSC_0638 (2) DSC_0653 (2) DSC_0656 (2) DSC_0671 (2) DSC_0672 (2) DSC_0674 (2) DSC_0675 (2) DSC_0686 (2) DSC_0689 (2) DSC_0695 (2) DSC_0700 (2) DSC_0702 (2) DSC_0704 (2) DSC_0710 (2) DSC_0713 (2) DSC_0721 (2) DSC_0730 (2) DSC_0733 (2) DSC_0738 (2) DSC_0741 (2)

It was a nice little outing. Next time we go we'll be able to spend more time looking around. Maybe we'll even double dip and check out the lake nearby as well...  Hmm... We did try out a new-to-us trail that we hadn't been on before which is where I found all that lovely fungus! Overall, there weren't as many noticeable insects this time and the prominent color was yellow - yellow flowers were everywhere. I loved the tall sunflowers standing guard along the trail. They were in the process of mowing so maybe that had something to do with the lack of insects... Also, not sure what those black caterpillars were but I have never found so many in one concentrated area before. They were only on 2 plants but those plants were covered top to bottom. Weird.As always, there are more photos on my flickr page.