Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tee Ball - Minion Style! - With A Little Something on the Side

We had our first Tee Ball game of the season yesterday and it went pretty well considering that the minions only attended 2 practices beforehand thanks to rainouts and illness.  Little miss has shed a tear from time to time (e.g., last practice when a ball went by her) so I was a bit worried but she couldn't have had a better time!

little miss tee ball mosaic 5/2/11

Little man was a bit more serious about it; though he is a seasoned Tee Ball veteran now so that is to be expected.

little man tee ball mosaic 5/2/11

 Are you having a good time?

Tee Ball 2011 First Game 155

"Mom, I'm watching the game."  Oh, sorry.  How about you little miss, are you having fun?

Tee Ball 2011 First Game 157


Here's a few more photos from the game.

minion tee ball mosaic 2011

That's right folks, it was all work and no play.

Tee Ball 2011 First Game 086

Wait a minute, there's a smile, sort of... :)  Well he was happy anyway!

Tee Ball 2011 First Game 099

And now for a little something on the side, knitting content!

Firstly, I would like you to meet Norman.

mid April thru Easter 2011 036

Norman is a Slug's Slug.  He enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors, base jumping, rock climbing, and has been to every amusement park in the Continental US save for one and he has his tickets booked for his trip later this Summer.  Norman is also quite the ladies man; it doesn't get any smoother than Norman.  Plus, he can cook!  Just not with salt ;)

Little man has been asking for a slug for over a year now and he even picked out the yarn he wanted his slug to be knit out of.  I'm not sure why it took me so long to make him.  Perhaps it was because I thought it would take longer than it did.  Either way, there will be more slugs in the future including a "Darth Slug".  We can't leave Vader out of the mix...

I would also like you to meet Violet.  Violet currently resides in the Principal's office at the minions' school.  Said Principal was having a really bad week a little while ago and we all know that there is no better way to brighten one's day than with a saucy Slug.

Violet 009
Violet 001

Violet is also a bit of an adventurer, but prefers to explore hidden ruins and Medieval Castles.  Though, a nice relaxing stroll on the beach hits the spot from time to time.  She is also the place to go when you need a good batch of Snickerdoodles.  Just saying.  They're awesome!

Also off the needles is the pair of replacement socks for little miss.  These were knit out of Fresh From the Cauldron's Silk Sock in the Elizabeth I colorway.  I love dipping into my vintage stash :)

mid April thru Easter 2011 029

Earlier this year I knit up a new pattern for Jen's Princess Bride Club.  The pattern is rather lost in the variegated colorway but it really knit up into a comfortable pair of mitts so I'll have to do one in a solid to show off the textured pattern a bit better.

feb march 2011 016_crop

Now that my package has been sent and received, I can share with you two handknit projects that I mailed out to Jen for her Winter Package.  Yes it's Spring.  No it doesn't matter.  This is also a new pattern that will be included in her upcoming Rainbow Barf Club in early 2012.  I rather like the simplicity.

J's winter package handknits 010

And these are a pair of mitts out of handspun - Fat Cat Knits Merino in the Majestic Colorway.  I happened to score myself the last braid in that particular colorway after-the-fact and I have visions of a lacy baktus floating in my head :)

J's winter package handknits 007

Lastly, for the time being, I have a few more Inspired-by-Dr-Who Colorways to share.  This is the second shipment's offerings:  Yarn in #10

ibdw shipment 2 010

And the second set of companions: Captain Jack, Sarah Jane, Mickey, Jackie Tyler (lt to rt)

ibdw shipment 2 003

And this is #11 which is the yarn portion of the 3rd shipment.

#11 007

I have a few more projects off the needles but needs to be blocked and almost off the needles so there will be more fiber-y goodness and minion-y goodness soon.  I can't believe there is only something like 23 days or so left of school for the year!


Molly said...

Dr. Who themed yarn? That is brilliant!

megan mogensen said...

Erica! It's your BFF from back in the day. I just chatted with Sherry and Tom. They told me you had a blog so i finally found you. I've been looking for you on Facebook but now I see you've been too busy knitting to set up your page. Cute kids! Send me an email so I can reach you if you would like to reconnect. meganvalencia@gmail.com. I have taken up knitting as well in the last few years and love it. Love, Megan Mogensen (I'm Valencia now technically.)