Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Evidently it's been a month since my last post. Am I surprised? Yes, but not really. The days just slip by too fast anymore. Have I really done anything blogworthy? Probably not but I'll put up a little update for any interested parties :)

Tonight was the minions' last Tee Ball game of the year and it was a rather fitting end given the start of the season. The season began with oodles of rain and ended tonight with constant mist/drizzle. We "played" one inning and then called it quits. They had fun though. I will admit that I am a bit bummed because I had wanted to take the camera to document their last game... Maybe I will make them get their ball gear on and take them to the fields on a sunny day for some photos. Maybe not. We'll see :)

School is out for the year - both minions did well in their respective classes and after a week off we are back at Summer School for a few hours each morning. The district got some sort of grant for Americorps volunteers so it's more of an extra reading/inquiry-type program that the kids are enjoying. After this current session ends we will be doing swimming lessons and then we'll see.

Speaking of the minions, how about a few photos, huh?

first weekend in june 2011 093
first weekend in june 2011 054
first weekend in june 2011 064
first weekend in june 2011 030
first weekend in june 2011 027

Obviously we've ventured down to the lake. Little man even got to "catch" his first frog of the season :)

first weekend in june 2011 115

Okay, the hubby got him.

first weekend in june 2011 126

Isn't he cute?

first weekend in june 2011 112_crop

Little man did get his Monster Golf on though...

first weekend in june 2011 137

And last week I caught a 3-4lb bass which makes me insanely happy - I've been in a bit of a fishing slump for the past (cough) few years so it was nice to actually catch a fish instead of vegetation for once!

Other than that, what have we been up to? The hubby has been busy with his USSSA (or whatever it is now - what happened to AAU?) team. The minions and I ventured out to the Adel Sheep and Wool festival a few weekends ago and I got a wee bit of natural Alpaca to spin up on my spindle for my upcoming ebooks. Oh, I haven't talked about that yet - I've been busy trying to get things ready for my upcoming set of ebooks. I had a dream a while back that I put together a book inspired by the Seasons of the Midwest so why not follow-through on it? There will be 4 ebooks total representing each Season and that will start (hopefully) this August/September with my Autumn-Inspired release :) I was originally going to try to see about getting published by someone - because how awesome would it be to hold your own book? - but I admitted to myself that I know absolutely nothing about that process but I do know how to put together a pattern so why not release them as an ebook? Here's a taste of some of the projects I've been working on.

ebook mosaic 1

Thankfully I have an absolutely fantastic group of friends and fellow Knitters that are helping me out with the test-knitting process because otherwise... Knitting several sizes of various projects is a great way to stashbust! Just saying...

What else? The minions have been spending a lot of time at the library/reading library books and I've been dyeing up a bit of stuff in between my bi-weekly mowing sessions. Thank you rain for allowing my lawn to grow at breakneck speed. Hmm. I think that just about sums it up.

Ooh, ooh!!!! I almost forgot. Remember last post when I was lamenting about my lost handknits? I GOT THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was expecting a package of prototypes for some different patterns that I am working on so I didn't realize what I was actually holding at first. Then I looked at the addresses and realized that my precious babies were back in my arms and I gave a giant Whoop! and immediately followed it up with some vigorous fudderwacking much to the enjoyment of the Utility guys working about 10 feet behind me. I had forgotten that they were there but their laughter brought me back to reality. Whatever. I was just overjoyed. I put them back in the mail the following day (after checking that they were still safe in their packaging) and my friend got them and now I can breathe a sigh of relief. THANK YOU POSTAL POWERS THAT BE :D

Tell me you can look at this guy and not have Zeppelin immediately pop into your head....

memorial day weekend 2011 022

Must be a saucy bird thing...

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Mason & Karen said...

LOVE the pool pics! Tell the kiddos that Z is following in their footsteps with a love of water. Cute froggie, too!