Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I know, I'm a bit early, but that's alright. I needed to give my hands and arms a mini-break from the needles and I had a hunch that I probably wouldn't be getting back on the computer for a blog post between now and then. So enjoy :)

holiday 2010 projects and such 001

Last night I had turned off the lights so I could enjoy the glow of the lit Christmas tree and I wanted to try to take a picture of this one ornament because I liked how the light was hitting it. So I got the camera and was getting into position when I was fortunate enough to experience a foot cramp and accidentally took this picture during my graceful ascent. I'm still not sure how I did it, but I had fun trying to recreate it!


Never did get the ornament picture though, oh well.

I don't have any new minion photos to share but I can get you caught up on some of the Sooper Sekret Holiday knitting that has been going on.

Okay, these weren't Sooper Sekret, but they are awesome so they will be mentioned! I loved the fingerless mitts that Hermione wears in the latest Harry Potter movie so I thought I would play copycat and knit myself a pair of Toast mitts out of my handspun Ginny colorway. Not an exact match, but I like them and was able to wear them to the Harry Potter movie last month.

late november 2010 055

Now we can get into the Holiday stuff. Well, some of it. I've been a busy gal these past few weeks despite some illness and some other unforeseen pleasantries.

This trio ended up being a Holiday gift since I didn't finish them on time..... Yeah.... They should have been done earlier this Fall but we're not going to talk about that. They're done now though and will hopefully arrive at their new home in Canada before this Saturday. Wish them luck and speedy travel!

fish hat trio 006

Both little man and little miss wanted me to make their teachers Holiday gifts this year. I had things all planned out in my head early on in the semester and then it all changed. All of it. Little miss' teachers put in requests this year so the original plans I had for the two of them flew right out the window and they ended up with a pair of legwarmers and a pair of warm mittens respectively.

holiday projects 2010 009
holiday projects 2010 004

Then we have little man's teacher(s). I was all set to go with a scarf for little man's teacher, and I had even started it, but it wasn't working for me so it was frogged and the yarn sat there. And it sat there. And before I knew it, I didn't think I had time to knit a scarf so I asked little man if I could switch it to a cowl. "Is that for Miss W or for Mrs Y?" Mrs Y? What? Mrs Y was hired as an adjunct in the middle of the semester and my brain was so locked in to my "To Knit" list at that point that a gift for Mrs Y just didn't compute. Alrighty then, a gift for Mrs Y, coming up (i.e., I'll fit it in somewhere...). That was last week.

I finished one mitten yesterday and my hands and arms were so sore at that point that I tried to break it to little man last night that, unless he wanted to choose something else, Mrs Y might only get one mitten before school ends for the year. I could see his disappointment, but he said "okay". Miss W and Mrs Y will receive their cowl and mittens tomorrow and then I will go out and buy more Ibuprofen because I'm out. Nothing like a little motivation, 'eh?

holiday projects 2010 008_crop
holiday 2010 projects and such 027
(Mrs Y wears "a lot of black" so little man wanted "a bright pair of mittens so she could add more color to her wardrobe").

The other 2 things that I can share right now are the gifts that were handed out at one of our family Holiday Celebrations this past weekend. For one Cousin, I made a pair of Toast and for another Cousin, I crocheted a scarf. They both seemed to like them which always makes me happy! Both are sitting on the handsewn bags I whipped up for me to use as wrapping paper and for them to use as bags to hold whatever their little hearts desire.

holiday projects 2010 003_crop
holiday projects 2010 004

Remind me to start my Holiday Knitting for 2011 on January 1st, would you? This year's list has been whittled and whittled again, and I still have to finish 2 gifts, and start/finish 2 more before I hit my "Must Make" goal. The rest will be made after the Holidays, which is alright with me. I'm happy with what I've done thus far and I'm not done yet... You'll have to wait to see that (and the minions) until next time.

Have a Great Holiday Season, Everyone!!!!


kshotz said...

What great gifts! They all turned out beautifully! I am loving the hats headed northward. What pattern did you use?

Kay-From the Back Yard said...

What lucky recipients of those beautiful gifts!

And I really like the accidental light show!

essjay said...

What amazing gifts! I hope you no longer need ibuprofen! Time to start knitting for 2011 Christmas - have you started yet?