Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lots of Pictures of a Few Projects

In an effort to get caught up a bit on FO pictures, I had the kids don their new Fall head wear for a wee photo shoot on the deck.  They were both in a rather odd mood (especially little miss), hence the plethora of minion photos with a bit of wool thrown in for good measure... 

Little man came to me a while back and informed me that he needed a new vegetable hat.  Now, in case you weren't aware of this already, little man is a "Chef" and is all about food - toy food, real food, fabrics displaying food, and evidently handknits sporting food.  Initially he wanted "carrots and onions and beets and turnips and potatoes..." but I talked him into keeping it simple and focusing on one item and he chose carrots.  He even helped me with the design process :)

fall hats 2010 002
fall hats 2010 006
fall hats 2010 009

Sometime back in July, I spun up some pink singles to use for a hat and maybe a little something else for little miss.  I CO for a hat shortly thereafter and finally finished it up a few weeks ago.  I think it was a few weeks ago.  At any rate, I didn't finish it yesterday!  In honor of the forthcoming photos, little miss wanted to look "extra special".  Note the fancy shoes and the Chicago Bears dress!

fall hats 2010 022

(hangnail, Spongebob bandaid)

fall hats 2010 029
fall hats 2010 037
fall hats 2010 041

She even had to pose with my socks.

fall hats 2010 056

I finally finished up my second Hermione sock (on the left) to complete the pair and got around to working on a nice mindless Stockinette Sock in handspun from All Spun Up on Etsy.  I bought the handspun skein before I started spinning so I could use it as a gauge for how fine I had to spin to spin for socks.  Now that I can spin, why not knit up a very warm pair of socks!  The Hermione socks have been worn a few times and are getting fuzzy.  I knew this isn't the best yarn to use for socks (because it gets super fuzzy) but I wanted to make a pair of socks with it anyway.  They just wont be hard-wearing ones.

fall hats 2010 060
That's all I have for now.  The minions have been battling whatever-it-is-that-is-going-around-at-the-moment over the past few weeks and though little miss had it first and has since rebounded, it hit little man a bit harder and he is finally on the mend.  Now, I need to spin because I'm a bit behind on that at the moment!


pendie said...

Very cute; wish I had some little minnions to knit for!

The Garden Bell said...

I for one... aDORe DA BEARS dress. But then, I'm in the Windy Cite. Great job

Mason & Karen said...

Love the carrot hat - so creative! Also I think little miss could teach me a thing or two about wearing fancy shoes :)

Rani said...

You're rockin the FO's my friend. And those shoes she's wearing with the hat - TO. DIE. FOR!

essjay said...

Everything looks wonderful and I am so in love with the carrot hat!