Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Little of This and a Bit of That

Somehow, July is half over. This is particularly distressing to me for a few reasons. But I'm not going to mention the fact that school will be resuming all too soon FOR BOTH MINIONS. Nor am I going to mention that there are only about 5 months left for Holiday crafting and I haven't started any Holiday projects yet. None. Zilch. Nada.

I will give a little update of sorts in regards to my fiber-y pursuits, and of course, a bit of minion.

Let's see, where to begin. The Dreams in Fiber household enjoyed a nice 4th of July Weekend. We invited little man's Tee Ball Coach and family (4 kids) down for an overnight at the lake and the minions had all sorts of fun. I didn't really get the camera out too much because there was a lot of splashing going on near the pool and/or it was raining. Here's a few photos of the weekend though.

I also sent off another Club shipment. This shipment included 6 100 yd skeins in the Signs Colorway and a cowl pattern along with some snazzy stitch markers.

This was the smaller pattern sample knitted with the prototype from my first Club shipment.

Somehow I never posted a photo of the 4th pattern I finished for Squibstitcher's VSC 2 Club or the pair of Graduation socks I made for my Cousin T. At least I don't think I did. Some of this stuff was finished so long ago I had to search my Flickr photo pages for them! If' it's a repeat, sorry.

Innocence - the Lucy Fichu

And a pair of Monkey socks knit using Fresh From the Cauldron's SW Sock in Poe's Absinthe Induced Dream Colorway.

Right now I am busy spinning up skeins for the next Club shipment but before that I did a bit of spinning for myself. Some Superwash BFL that I dyed up

A bit of Finn

Some Corriedale

I had a wee bit of Superwash Merino Pencil Roving left on the cone so I dyed that up and spun it - it was less than 3 oz and is in a new Colorway that I'm naming Ginny after Ginny Weasley.

After the mail arrived yesterday I was informed by little miss that I needed to take a break from spinning my Club stuff so I could tackle Signature "Culah" and Much Deeper Than the "Othuh".

This was Gherkin's first shipment for the Southern Charms Club - Steel Magnolias Edition. I don't think there was any question who these two were going to.

I have visions of pink stripe-y goodness. I also dyed up a skein of sock yarn for myself inspired by the FIFA World Cup 2010 logo.

Technically I CO for these socks before the World Cup had ended, and as long as I finish them before the next World Cup begins, I'll be fine with that. My To Do list trumps the knit projects for me, so who knows when I will make any more progress on these.

Other than that, the minions survived swim lessons and we're going to sign them up for one more session before Summer is over, and most of the school supply shopping is finished. What is it about office supplies that just makes me go weak in the knees? I couldn't resist these beauties, and they're all MINE!!!!!!!

I have more projects/ideas in the works but those will have to wait as it's a nice afternoon and the minions are antsy. A bit of minion until we meet again.


Rani said...

My god, woman! Look at all that knitting! Amazing.

Your spinning is gorgeous! I am new to the art and kind of left off because I'm finding that I have all of these small skeins of fabulous handspun, but no creative juice to tell me how to use them. huh.

Can't wait to see what you make of that pink yarn.

Beautiful pictures of your beauties. They are darling babes!

Jenn said...

So, if I bring my new drop spindle to Thursday knit night some time you can help me get started right? I need to get some fiber!

itsJUSTme said...

Wow, you've made some really gorgeous stuff!
And those kids! gorgeous too! And you made them too, LOL!