Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Late to the Party

I had meant to actually do a Halloween update on Halloween, but a few days late isn't too bad!

halloween 2010 008

Little man informed me a while back that he wanted to be a rocket ship for Halloween this year. Not knowing exactly how I was going to put this costume together, I may have offered up a few other options/suggestions, but it didn't matter - he would not be deterred. Okay, Rocket ship coming up!

halloween 2010 029

All but one knew what he was during our trick-or-treat outing which made him happy. He loved how the costume turned out which made me happy :)

Little miss was quite the flip flopper when it came to her costume choice this year. Her spectrum went from Princess to Tinkerbell to monkey to Little Red Riding Hood to Little Red Riding Hood dressed up as a monkey... In the end we opted for just the monkey costume I had made a few years back and I wasn't going to complain about not having to make 2 costumes this year! This is little miss' response when I asked what her favorite part of her costume was.

halloween 2010 037

"The tail, duh!" Evidently I could have asked better questions...

Here they are together in their natural state sporting the handmade trick-or-treat bags.

halloween 2010 019_crop

Little man wanted you to pay special attention to his bag because he picked "The most awesome fabric".

halloween 2010 015_crop

The days are shorter and it is definitely colder outside. Winter is coming upon us quickly and I don't think I am as happy about that as I normally am. There is still too much to do. Autumn, though it is my favorite Season, always has an element of urgency to it and I am just not keeping up this year. I wrapped up my Dark is Rising Club this week and have begun to assemble my too-long-as-usual list of Holiday Knitting/Crafting. If I keep plugging away everything will get done eventually, right?

halloween 2010 cont plus november 2010 018


Jenn said...

Great costumes! Every year I look forward to...and then dread...and then enjoy the final push...of making the girls' costumes. It's so worth it though...such a simple act on our parts as Mom for so many happy memories.

This fall has me feeling more anxious than normal too. You are not alone!

Debbie said...

Excellent costumes!

Mason & Karen said...

Love the costumes and the cuties in them. See you soon :)