Monday, October 18, 2010

Carrying On

I know that I mentioned lots of FO photos for this post, but I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of some of the things that I've finished in the last few weeks. I've had other things to do :) There will just be more next time! I suppose I should get to the ones I did manage to take though, huh?

These are the Dark is Rising Club skeins from the previous shipment. I did things a little differently this time around and let the Wild Magic take control of the dyes - each was randomly done and each is unique.

wool 015
wool 018

I was in the mood for some traditional 3 ply lately and managed to squeeze these two lovelies in before the current Club spinning commenced. This one was Falkland from Color Craze Fibers on Etsy,

wool 008

and this was a Superwash Merino from Fat Cat Knits on Etsy.

oct wool 005

One of my colorways, Ginny, on SW merino - 2 ply.

wool 001

Given my frequent trips to the school to drop off and pick up the minions during the week, mindless knitting projects have been my friend. In fact, I've finished up 3 socks, portions of 2 hats, and this cowl which, incidentally, is the only thing I've photographed thus far.

falkland 3ply and a cowl 011_crop

Technically, I started this cowl last January and it hibernated for a few months and then I'd work on it again and then it would hibernate once more. I did a nice chunk of it over the Summer during swimming lessons, and again, it sat there for another month or so... I had CO for this hat with the idea that it would turn into a Sockhead Hat, but once I was into the Stockinette portion I realized that that was not going to happen and though my head kept telling me to frog it and do something different with the yarn, I kept knitting on and finally decided to turn it into a cowl instead with ribbing on either side so it can be worn slouchy or pulled up around the face for those really windy days. At any rate, it's a FO for the pile and not a moment too soon since the colder weather has arrived!

The minions and I have been trying to get outside and enjoy the fresh air whenever we can. This past weekend the hubby and I took the minions on what little man refers to as "an adventure". The adventure was a trip to a nearby park where we played on the playground and had a picnic and then went on a wee hike. Little miss was in a goofy mood and may have been channeling some sort of food vendor from New York or Chicago.

weekend adventure oct 16 2010 044
weekend adventure oct 16 2010 085

Little man was having all sorts of fun collecting his treasures and thanks to a clearing along the trail, we were even able to stop for a moment and watch some horses meander by.

weekend adventure oct 16 2010 152
weekend adventure oct 16 2010 134_crop

This was his big find. "Mom, it looks like Sci Fi!"

weekend adventure oct 16 2010 158
(Note the temporary Tinkerbell tattoo - she's very proud of it)
weekend adventure oct 16 2010 169
weekend adventure oct 16 2010 185


pendie said...

You are quite the photographer; I love your pictures! Such good little models, too!

dmw said...

wonderful post! the colors of your club yarns is just stunning!!! love the way the cowl turned out - if i knit all the patterns for them i've printed out i will not put needles down til next autumn..

your photography is beautiful - thanks for sharing your talents with us

Rani said...

Wuh? Where? How did I miss that club. Those skeins are amazing! Absolutely beautiful!

Great photos of the changing season. The horse pictures looks like something from Lord of the Rings.

Happy October!

itsJUSTme said...

Oh my gosh! Those are some gorgeous yarns!!!! Love all the colors.
The pictures of the kids are great! I always love seeing your wonderful pictures of you kids, they are so adorable! My daughter is 22 but I remember those days! We still have "Mommy/daughter days".

essjay said...

The dyed & spun yarns are so beautiful as are the pictures! Glad to see you & the family are out enjoying the lovely weather we have had!