Monday, December 14, 2009

Sporting the Handknits

Someone once told me that you always know a Knitter because nothing they wear ever matches. I know I never do! It just so happens, that over this past weekend I did a bit of grocery shopping. Crazy, I know. It was chilly, so I was decked out in my Rib and Bobble hat, my hand spun fingerless mitts, and my Noro scarf. Ordinarily I try to do my shopping mid-week and/or during the day simply because there is normally fewer people there. This time, the grocery store was rather full and in every aisle I went down I was greeted with some rather unusual looks. Some looked confused, others amused, others guilty because I caught them glancing in my direction. It was rather unsettling. Either they were befuddled by the wondrous glory of the hand knits by themselves, or they were completely envious of my hand knit glam. I suppose there is a slight possibility that they thought I was completely off my rocker, but that's highly unlikely in my opinion ;)

Now I did deserve one amused look while I was in the frozen vegetable section. In case you didn't know, I command a very impressive 5 foot status. Now normally, this suits me just fine. Every once in a while I can't reach something, but that's a pretty rare occurrence. Although, when I do find myself in a situation where I can't reach something and lots of people are around, I'm normally forced to abandon the object of my desires or to turn on the stealth and wait until no one is around so I can either jump up to get it or get creative with what I have around me and try to reach said object somehow. So anyway, there I stood, eyeballing the soon-to-be-mine bag of corn and I couldn't reach the blasted thing. This is the third time in a row this has happened (why is it always the corn that is way up there while the brussles sprouts are always handy?) and I was determined to get it. I glance to my right - empty aisle. I look to my left - empty also. Let the jumping commence. First jump, nothing. Second jump, almost had it. Third try, I hear laughing. Damn! Evidently the aisle wasn't quite as empty as I thought it was and a very amused gent walked over and kindly offered to reach the bag for me. Just shoot me now, I hate getting caught like that. It was a good thing I had my hand knits on!

I've been busy in the projects department but have no new photos to show. I do have more minions in the snow for you though :)

After that lovely bit of snow fell last week, we enjoyed the briefest of warm-ups which allowed the snow to become perfect for snowball packing and anyone who knows the hubby knows that there's no staying inside when snowballs are to be made. Evidently this is a trait that he is passing onto the minions.

Fortunately for me little man's aim was a bit off this time.

Sometimes it's more fun to throw snow on oneself than at others.

In every good snowball battle, there are casualties. This particular snowball was meant for me but happened to land ever-so-gently in little miss' hood and she couldn't figure out where it went :)

She was in a rather odd mood yesterday.

Of course it's not all about the snowballs, there are other things to explore in the snow.

And when you get worn out, just take a little break!

I should have some hand knit/sewn projects to show next post. In the meantime, stay warm and dry!


Mason & Karen said...

Way to snag the snowball in mid air! Well done :) Also, hilarious grocery store story. I can picture it now...

Nancy said...

First, I think people were eyeing your lovely hand knits because they were envious of you and your warmth. In that kind of snow you need all the warmth you can get. Wow! Thats a lot of snow.
Secondly, I am all of 5' 2" so I often can't reach things at the store (at home either for that matter) so I do not hesitate to find someone taller and ask them to reach for me. I have never been growled at yet.
Your kiddos are adorable! Looks like they are having fun in the snow.

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

And I say again... Your kids are so beautiful!!!!!!