Monday, July 13, 2009

Knitting, Spinning, and Other Odds and Ends

I'm pretty sure I mentioned in my last actual post (before the patterns) that I had some knitting to show you. And I do. A bit anyway. I finally finished my stripey Noro scarf that had been sitting partially finished for a while. If I didn't need the needle it was hogging it might still be unfinished, but now it's ready to wear. Next Fall. I also finished a pair of seaside footies for my other Grandma D that look exactly like Grandma D's pair, but they're twins, why can't they have matching socks? I also whipped up a pair of wee Irish toddler socks out of my leftover Irish Pride colorway. The only other knitting that I can show you (the rest of it has been displayed already in the previous patterns) is a bit of sooper seekrit knitting. Here's a little taste.
I have been doing a bit of spinning. This is one of the latest rovings that I spun up. I call this one 'Northman'. I bought the original roving from AllSpunUp on Etsy and since she doesn't name them, I thought I would. This was a traditional 3 ply which resulted in some leftover singles which I then turned into a 2 ply.There you have it. I wish it was more. I seem to have regained my sock mojo thanks to some fellow Ravelers in my group. The new Harry Potter movie comes out this week (yeah, hooray!!!!!!!) and earlier this year I had the thought that it would be rather fun to release a few Harry Potter inspired sock patterns. Well, one thing piled upon another and here I sat with the movie release looming ever closer and a handful of patterns written but not knit (or proofread...). So, I thought to myself, Well, someone should be knitting these, they're not doing any good sitting in a pile of knitting books. After a little note on Ravelry I found myself with some test knitters which has resulted in my ability to post some of the patterns before the movie release. The ladies on Ravelry are really phenomenal and I want to say THANK YOU for helping me out and letting me get these released. In the last week or so I've released 4 of the 7 so stay tuned for the next 3 :)

One of the things that I like about living in Iowa is that you can actually see the sky and the weather coming towards you as there are no mountains or large buildings (usually) getting in ones way. I wanted to share some photos of the sky that I took yesterday. I've seen a lot of unusual clouds but never any like this. Well, I've seen photos that look like the following pictures do but they had been altered which doesn't really count in my book. Nothing beats the real thing!It was truly unbelievable.

I know some of you are asking yourselves where the photos of the minions are. I have more to blog about so I thought I would include them in the next post along with pictures taken during our venture to Good Guys this year so the post doesn't get too out of control!

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Judy S. said...

What a cool way to display your Noro scarf, Erica! It looks SO different from mine. That's the fun of that particular project, isn't it? I only used 3 skeins of yarn; did you use all 4?