Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rib and Bobble Hat Pattern

Inspired by the hat I wore in the 80's throwback photo found in this post, I decided to make myself a new one. Hope you enjoy it :)

Rib and Bobble Hat Pattern

by Erica Lueder


Worsted weight - approx 220 yds (for largest size). Sample hat knit with Malabrigo Worsted in the Marine Colorway.

Needles: US 9 (5.5 mm) 1 16 inch Circular Needle or size needed to obtain gauge and a second circular needle or 4 dpns for the crown decreases.

Gauge: 22 sts per 4 inches (10 cm)

Finished Size: This pattern includes instructions for an adult (S, M, L). The hat istself is easily modifiable and can accommodate the smallest to the largest of sizes. The pattern for the ribbing is a 4 (four) st repeat and the bobble pattern is a 6 (six) st repeat. To adjust the pattern to your desired size, CO a total number of sts evenly divisible by 4 and complete the ribbing portion of the hat. If the number of CO sts is not also evenly divisible by 6, increase to the next closest (higher) number evenly divisible by 6 on the first row of the bobble pattern.

Make Bobble:
Knit into front and back loop of st twice, knit into front loop (5 sts), turn,
Purl across 5 sts, turn,
Knit across 5 sts, turn,
Purl across 5 sts, turn,
Knit across 5 sts, then pass the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th st one at a time over the first st (1 st remaining)

Bobble Texture Pattern: (Repeat from * to *)
Rows 1-4: knit
Row 5: *k5, make bobble (mb)*
Rows 6-10: knit
Row 11: *k2, mb, k3*
Row 12: knit

CO (96, 100, 104) sts, pm and join for knitting in the round.
K2P2 x (4, 5, 6) inches.

Bobble Texture Portion
NOTE: on 1st row of bobble texture pattern, increase (0, 2, 4) sts evenly across round for a total stitch count of (96, 102, 108).

Chart shows pattern repeat onlyKnit bobble texture pattern for a total of 2 pattern repeats (or until desired length is reached) ending with a bobble row (row 5 or row 11).

Switch to dpns or 2 circulars when needed.

Row 1: *k1, k2tog* - (64, 68, 72) total sts remaining.
Row 2: knit
Row 3: *k2tog* - (32, 34, 36) total sts remaining.
Row 4: knit
Row 5: *k2tog* - (16, 17, 18) total sts remaining.
Row 6 (S, L sizes): *k2tog* - (8, 9) total sts remaining.
Row 6 (M size): *K2tog* to last st, k1 - (9) total sts remaining.

Cut yarn and weave through remaining sts, pull to close. Weave in all ends.

CO: cast on
dpns: double point needles
k: knit
k2tog: knit 2 sts together
mb: make bobble
pm: place marker
st(s): stitch (stitches)


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