Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summerset State Park/The Stuff I Notice

Little man and I have continued with our adventures this week during little miss' soccer camp.  Yesterday, we headed to Summerset State Park.

DSC_0099 (2) 

 As parks go, I found it a bit odd.  Odd in the sense that the main "bike path" is attached to the main circle drive.

DSC_0041 (2)

Which means that if you stay on said bike path, your views, a lot of the time, look something like this.

 DSC_0043 (2)

With the occasional traffic jam.

 DSC_0005 (2)

What is cool though, is that there are a bunch of little lakes in the area and you can get off of the main bike path and cruise along the mountain bike trails. They call them mountain bike trails/hiking trails, but in all honesty, I sort of felt like I was tresspassing on the mountain bike trail because there are some steep hills and turns with not a lot of room so if anyone happened to be riding their bikes it could have gotten ugly. We were on high alert!

 DSC_0046 (2) DSC_0091 (2) 
DSC_0144 (2) DSC_0145 (2)

The bugs were terrible in the woods here though. Deet didn't do a thing, either. It was really only this area - maybe we hit the motherload. The other trails we went on didn't seem to be as bad.

 DSC_0055 (2) 

Here are some views of our outing.

 DSC_0014 (2) DSC_0015 (2) DSC_0016 (2) DSC_0021 (2) DSC_0054 (2) DSC_0061 (2) DSC_0100 (2) 
DSC_0129 (2) DSC_0147 (2) DSC_0148 (2) DSC_0156 (2)

Honestly, how cool is this fungus???????????????????????

 DSC_0025 (2)

They were all over this log!

Are you ready for a game that I like to call, "Find the insect!".

DSC_0037 (2) DSC_0040 (2) DSC_0094 (2) DSC_0095 (2) DSC_0096 (2)
DSC_0150 (2)

In all seriousness, what is it with boys, rocks, and water? They just can't help themselves.

 DSC_0070 (2) DSC_0081 (2) DSC_0089 (2) DSC_0093 (2) 

Another cool thing about this park is that it is accessible from an actual 12 mile bike trail that runs from Indianola to Carlisle. Little man and I ventured on a little of it and found this cool bridge.

DSC_0102 (2) DSC_0109 (2) DSC_0110 (2) DSC_0124 (2) 

I love how nature always finds a way.

 DSC_0125 (2)

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