Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Killing Time

Little miss is currently participating in a soccer camp put on by the Simpson Women's Soccer coaches.  Little man and I have been finding ways to kill time while she's at the camp since I don't see the need to drive to Indianola, drop her off, drive home, drive back out to get her, and then drive back home again...

Yesterday, while little miss was playing soccer, little man and I ventured out to Lake Ahquabi.  I'm told there is good fishing to be had off their dock and it must be true because the place was hoppin' at 9:30 am.  I do have my fishing license but our poles are currently elsewhere so little man and I walked around instead of fishing.

Hazy photo compliments of an angry lens (it's a little humid around these parts at the moment and it had to acclimate itself).

DSC_0598 (2) 

It was nice and quiet and really relaxing, actually, despite the heat.

It wasn't long before found a new friend.  This little dragonfly was nearing its end, I think.  The wings weren't quite 100% and it didn't have a lot of oomph. I have dubbed him "Evinrude".
DSC_0607 (2) DSC_0619 (2) 

We must have passed his tests because he would fly up in the air and then land on us. Either that or he was just that tired.

DSC_0622 (2) DSC_0635 (2)DSC_0639 (2) DSC_0644 (2) DSC_0654 (2) DSC_0648 (2)

We found a nice little spot for him and went about our business. He was still there when we left.

 DSC_0659 (2)

Here are some other shots from our expedition.

 DSC_0663 (2) DSC_0668 (2) DSC_0673 (2) DSC_0676 (2) DSC_0677 (2)

Some of the trails need a bit of work.

 DSC_0685 (2) DSC_0688 (2)

You know me, I can't resist fungus!

 DSC_0698 (2) DSC_0700 (2) DSC_0707 (2) DSC_0710 (2) DSC_0713 (2) DSC_0714 (2) DSC_0722 (2)

Today, little man and I were going to explore Summerset State Park. I'll admit, parts were really pretty but the "bike path" was right on the main road you drive on and aside from a few docks here and there for fishing, there wasn't much that we could see. So we went back to Ahquabi and went on a few trails we didn't go on yesterday but noticed as we were driving out. It had rained this morning so everything was a little wet. It was so nice in the woods though - much cooler than out in the sun (obviously).

DSC_0666 (2) DSC_0607 (3) DSC_0610 (2) DSC_0661 (3)

As we were walking through the woods there was a bit of a traffic jam - we found a snail cruising the trails as well :)

 DSC_0614 (2) DSC_0617 (2) DSC_0635 (3)

We said our goodbyes, put the snail back where we found him and off we went. I was enjoying all the moss and fungi.

DSC_0674 (2) DSC_0675 (2) DSC_0676 (3)

 And then we found a second snail!  This one was a bit camera shy.

DSC_0650 (2)

We also found some critter dwellings. Wow, that area stunk. 

DSC_0685 (3) DSC_0684 (2) DSC_0689 (2) DSC_0690 (2)

On our way to pick up little miss I had to stop and take some photos of one of my favorite flowers. Up close, they're nothing spectacular (as far as flashy goes) but I love the lines of periwinkle/purple along the roads in the Summertime.

DSC_0691 (2) DSC_0694 (2)

Little man was pumped to check out this bridge.

 DSC_0701 (2) DSC_0707 (3) DSC_0706 (2) DSC_0710 (3)

There are two more days of soccer camp. Tomorrow we might give Summerset a fair shot instead of just driving through. We also found a different nature park close to Ahquabi so perhaps we'll fit that in as well...

Random little miss shot.

IMG_20160611_101320154 (2)

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