Thursday, June 23, 2016

Annett Nature Center

Today was the last day of little miss' Simpson Soccer Camp.  Here she is with one of her soccer buddies.

IMG_20160623_084251743_HDR (2) IMG_20160623_084307285_HDR (2) 

While the girls were having fun, little man and I went to check out the Annett Nature Center which we noticed when we were heading back from Lake Ahquabi. It is a really cool place to go! The main building has a fountain/pond/butterfly garden area complete with a bison sculpture.

 IMG_20160623_112706710 (2) DSC_0013 (2) DSC_0015 (2) DSC_0020 (2) DSC_0027 (2) DSC_0028 (2) DSC_0024 (2) DSC_0010 (2) DSC_0009 (2) DSC_0002 (2) 

At first we couldn't find anyone or a map of the area so we were wandering around the main building where they have various exhibits and a see-through hive.

 DSC_0030 (2) DSC_0032 (2) 

After a while we heard some movement and it ended up being a day camp for little ones so little man and I just decided to start walking and explore. Turns out there are multiple pond areas, platforms and viewing areas, and trails that wind you through some of the prairie. Here are some of the things we noticed.

 DSC_0052 (2) DSC_0055 (2)DSC_0057 (2) DSC_0060 (2) DSC_0068 (2) DSC_0075 (2) DSC_0076 (2) DSC_0115 (2) DSC_0084 (2) DSC_0082 (2) DSC_0086 (2) DSC_0099 (2) DSC_0111 (2) DSC_0114 (2) DSC_0116 (2) DSC_0117 (2) DSC_0127 (2) DSC_0133 (2) IMG_20160623_102220726_HDR (2) IMG_20160623_101428482_HDR (2) 

Ready for more "Find the Insect" Fun?

 DSC_0005 (2) DSC_0017 (2) DSC_0021 (2) DSC_0063 (2) DSC_0065 (2) DSC_0072 (2) DSC_0112 (2) DSC_0124 (2) DSC_0128 (2) DSC_0129 (2) DSC_0144 (2) DSC_0154 (2) 

I know what you're probably thinking right now. "How many flowers and bugs can one person possibly photograph?" Here's a little something different for you then. As we went up one of the trails we came upon this lookout platform.

 IMG_20160623_111327836 (2) IMG_20160623_111032 (2) 

Naturally we went to the top and checked out the view. It was lovely. Breezy, cool, quiet... I even knit a few rows :)

 DSC_0165 (2) DSC_0158 (2) DSC_0166 (2) IMG_20160623_110328 (2) 

We could have stayed there all day but it was time to pick up the girls so little man and I ventured back and discussed coming back again soon. After lunch, the minions and I headed to Thomas Mitchell Park and within 5 minutes our quiet playground was crashed by a daycare bus full of unruly children. So we went to another park instead and I got a few more rows knit :)

 IMG_20160623_145428 (2) 

The next post will have actual knitting and fiber-y related things for you! Promise :) No more bugs for a little while anyway... Here's a shot of little miss for you.

 IMG_20160623_144606403 (2)

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