Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Solo Lake Venture

The weekend after Memorial Day weekend, the Dreams in Fiber household headed to the lake once again.  This time it was just us.

We found new friends, did a little yard work, the minions enjoyed the pool, and fishing was done by all.

In no particular order:

DSC_0380 (2) DSC_0387 (2) DSC_0418 (2) DSC_0411 (2) DSC_0467 (2) DSC_0469 (2) DSC_0473 (2) DSC_0525 (2) 

Little miss grabbed my camera while little man chauffeured me around the cove.

DSC_0573 (2) 


DSC_0571 (2) 

I've lived in Iowa my whole life and I do not recall ever noticing these bugs before. They weren't out and about during the day but once dusk set in, the shore was taken over by them; they were clinging to everything. No idea what they are. Any ideas?

 DSC_0485 (2) DSC_0512 (2)DSC_0515 (2) 

The hubby met a new friend by the pool.

 DSC_0588 (2) DSC_0587 (2) DSC_0002 (2) 

It was nice to do nothing and have a little quiet family time :)

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