Monday, June 20, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend - Cousin Style

The Dreams in Fiber household headed to the in-laws' lake house over the Holiday weekend where they met up with their once-Portland-now-Columbia cousins :) Consider yourself warned - this is a VERY photo-heavy post.

The weather wasn't too bad - sort of hit and miss with a little rain now and then.  While H was headed for a nap, the older trio and I went for a walk.

DSC_1012 (2) DSC_1020 (2) DSC_1014 (2) 

While everyone was staying low-key, I did a quick walkabout.

DSC_0217 (2) DSC_0211 (2) DSC_0204 (3) DSC_0193 (2) DSC_0275 (2) DSC_0213 (2) DSC_0285 (3) DSC_1031 (2) DSC_1033 (2)DSC_1047 (2) DSC_1069 (2) DSC_1059 (2) 
DSC_1061 (2)

Naturally a boat ride was in order. Little man was driving and the wind was a bit of an issue...
DSC_1090 (2) DSC_1086 (2) DSC_1121 (2) DSC_1135 (2) DSC_1139 (2) DSC_1164 (2) IMG_20160530_113736496 (2) 

We even saw a loon in the cove :)

 DSC_1206 (2)

One of the nights we had a fire. The smoke felt the need to thwart me. Picture of Grandpa and the kiddos? Sure thing!

 DSC_0270 (2)

Say "Cheese!", ladies.  There are 3 ladies in the photo. 

DSC_0280 (2)

The days were spent playing ball, building things in the sand, and looking for new friends.

 DSC_0019 (2) DSC_0030 (2) DSC_0051 (2) DSC_0106 (2) DSC_0119 (2) DSC_0120 (2) DSC_0178 (2) DSC_0184 (2) DSC_0188 (2) DSC_0239 (2) DSC_0226 (2) DSC_0247 (2)

Little man found a wee toad hanging out by the fire pit.

 DSC_0249 (2)

Upon further inspection, it would appear that this little guy had just done battle with something.

 DSC_0254 (2)

 I felt bad for the toad and forgave him for trying to take a leak on me. Also, I'm not sure what's going on with his eye... It was like a different layer of skin had grown over it.

 DSC_0259 (2)

At any rate, after his photoshoot, we found him a good home and wished him well in his journey.

One of the perks and drawbacks of Summer days at the lake is the ice cream truck. Everyone loves the ice cream truck and it does certainly make the heat more bearable. Trouble is, you can hear the damn thing from across the lake so it always sounds like it's "just a hill or two away"... The kids heard the truck and got excited and waited, and waited, and waited. At one point grandpa H got out the water guns for a diversion. An hour later, the ice cream truck finally arrived. Sweet victory!

DSC_0137 (2) DSC_0141 (2) DSC_0155 (2) DSC_0151 (2) DSC_0163 (2) DSC_0144 (2) DSC_0165 (2) DSC_0171 (2)

My SIL K had a much better angle for pool photos so you can check those out on her blog. I managed to get a few.

 DSC_0329 (2) DSC_0306 (2) DSC_0292 (2)

 I'm not sure when the exact moment that the discovery was made, but it was discovered that when you put a little water into a noodle and blow on one end, the water shoots out of the other end. This is science!!! And you thought we were only about fun and games... ;) 

DSC_0336 (2) DSC_0335 (2)

Question: What is the correlation between the amounts of water in the noodle and the strength of the blow on the other end? 

Hypothesis: The more water in the noodle + the more force used to blow = bigger payout.

 DSC_0352 (2) DSC_0350 (2) DSC_0353 (2)

A few random additions.

 DSC_0158 (2) DSC_0086 (2) DSC_0068 (2) DSC_0058 (2) DSC_0011 (2) DSC_0093 (2)
DSC_0174 (2)

 As photo-heavy as this post is, I could have put up so many more so feel free to pop on over to my Flickr page and check out some of the others.

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Mason & Karen said...

Great documentation of the weekend! I have so many favorites...the water guns, the pool noodle, the one of the girls running, the rainbow, etc :)