Monday, June 20, 2016

Spring Soccer 2016

This was little miss' last season as a U10 player.  In the Fall, she'll move up to U12 (we don't have a U11 team).  She made new friends this season and asked to play with our current rec league for one more season.  I'm already anticipating the "your daughter's team does not have a coach this season" emails...

All in all, she had a really good year.  I could stick her anywhere on the field and she held her own.

DSC_0566 (2) DSC_0658 (3) DSC_0643 (3) DSC_0642 (2) DSC_0641 (2) DSC_0620 (2)DSC_0354 (4) DSC_0361 (2) DSC_0364 (2) DSC_0372 (2) 

When she wasn't at our practices/games (or playing in our yard), she has also been practicing down at Simpson College. They're having a soccer camp this week as well that she's participating in.

I'm proud of you, little miss!

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Mason & Karen said...

She's fierce and focused. Love it!!