Sunday, October 04, 2015

Making Things

It's been a while since I posted any FO's so I thought I would remedy that.

I will start by showing the quilts that the minions made during the Iowa State Fair.  Earlier in the Summer little man had gone to a quilting class put on by our Library thru a grant and the ladies from the DSM Sewing Guild told the students about the charity sewing project at the Fair.  Anyone could show up and sew a quilt that will be donated for charity.  Both minions really wanted to go so that took up the majority of our day at the State Fair this year.

This is little man's quilt.
20150819_135045 (2) 20150819_135100 (2)
And this is little miss' quilt. She actually made this one plus the front of another that someone else finished after we left.
20150819_130723 (2) 20150819_135239 (2)
I am very proud of these two! I didn't make one of my own; instead I helped where needed. Another project that isn't my own to share is this cowl. Little man really enjoys the Bakery Bear podcast and this Summer they had a favorite color knit-a-long and a Brit-a-long. He chose the Handbrake cowl and knit it in his favorite color so it counted for both :)
DSC_0508 (2)
I do have one FO to show you - a shawl.
DSC_0567 (2)
This shawl started longer ago than I care to admit. I saw this pattern by Jared Flood and thought it was beautiful AND I happened to have a skein of yarn in my personal (aka hands off it's mine all mine) stash. Per the pattern, I should have had more yarn than I needed in that one skein but as luck would have it, my gauge must have been off because I ran out 3/4 of the way through the border. So it sat there in it's little bag for probably around 2 years while I tried to find another colorway that "could" work that was the same base. The yarn was dyed by Briar Rose Fibers and she dyes small batches and I didn't really want to fork out the $ for another skein (it's kinda pricey) especially when I didn't need a whole bunch so I looked and looked and finally got lucky via Ravelry when a woman happened to have some leftovers of the same base in a slightly different colorway. I was hoping the slightly was closer than it actually ended up being, but I managed to bind it off.
  DSC_0565 (2)
See that color change in the edging? Whenever I looked at the shawl the color difference was absolutely blinding and was all I noticed. In all honesty, I am cringing now just looking at the photo.  I WILL make this shawl again, for ME, and I WILL have enough yarn to finish it in one go. This ended up being gifted to one of my old neighbors who helped get me started on my knitting journey all those years ago. It will keep her warm and I just hope she doesn't stare too long at the difference in color....
As busy as I have been, that is the extent of the photos I have taken of my FO's. Kind of pathetic isn't it? I have been busy dyeing a large order for one of my friend's new Knitting Stores in Marion Iowa - if you're out that way you should check it out! I took the minions yesterday and it is such a cool store!!! I have also been busy making things for my vendor gig next weekend at the Vintage & Made Fair - stop on by if you're around WDM on the 10th-11th!!! It is not a fiber-specific show so I am not sure how I will do but it should be a good time.  I wanted to have some finished goods available for people to look at but due to a finite amount of time in my day along with my other responsibilities it wont be as much as I initially hoped.  Sanity is important and if I do well enough I can look at vending it again and add more finished merchandise to the line-up :)
I will have more FO pics to show once I take pictures!

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