Sunday, October 04, 2015

Ledges - Part 1

The hubby and I took the minions to the Ledges State Park a few weekends ago for a bit of hiking.  It was such a beautiful day!

This is our favorite time of the year and even though I've been busy dyeing and getting things prepped family time ranks supreme.

We started at the Lost Lake Nature Trail.

DSC_0689 (2)
The minions ran ahead with the hubby close behind while I was off in my own little world snapping photos at things that I noticed along the trail.
DSC_0488 (2) DSC_0498 (2) DSC_0500 (2) DSC_0502 (2) DSC_0504 (2) DSC_0508 (2) DSC_0529 (2)DSC_0530 (2) DSC_0537 (2) DSC_0540 (2)
Along the trail we kept getting teaser views of the river below.
DSC_0510 (2) DSC_0519 (2)
I figured there had to be a better vantage point somewhere along the trail. The hubby and the kids got to it before I did.
DSC_0527 (2)
I had stopped to look at something and I heard the hubby call out to "check out this view". I came around the corner and saw this.
  DSC_0547 (2)
I about died. Evidently they both immediately went out to the edge and the hubby's legs started tingling immediately (he's afraid of heights) just watching them be out there so instead of screaming and potentially scaring them right off the 140 ft high cliff, I took a few pictures and walked out to them and pulled them a little farther back from the edge. Once I gained control of my pulse and blood pressure, we all admired the view from a safe vantage point and off we hiked.
DSC_0548 (2) DSC_0559 (2) DSC_0552 (2)
Selfie :)
DSC_0556 (2)
We cracked on and eventually made it to the lake area, walked around that and headed back to our car so we could check out another part of the park.
  DSC_0561 (2) DSC_0565 (2) DSC_0566 (2) DSC_0586 (2) DSC_0590 (2) DSC_0598 (2) DSC_0620 (2) DSC_0622 (2) DSC_0624 (2) DSC_0631 (2) DSC_0643 (3) DSC_0655 (2) DSC_0665 (2) DSC_0676 (2) DSC_0681 (2)

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