Monday, September 28, 2015

Blood Moon

I thought it was rather cool that the Blood Moon occurred on our 12th wedding anniversary ;)

There are so many cool photos of last night's lunar event out there that were taken by people that know a lot more about photography than I do and have bigger and badder toys to play with but this was the view from my front yard.

DSC_0148 (3) DSC_0153 (3) DSC_0164 (3) DSC_0174 (3) DSC_0175 (3) DSC_0184 (3) DSC_0189 (2)
At this point, there wasn't enough light left for the setting I was using so I switched settings and went from this
DSC_0210 (2)
to this.  There was a wee window between 2 trees that I was shooting thru and the moon finally rose high enough to where I couldn't get just the moon.
DSC_0217 (2)
Not sure what was going on here - a reflection of some sort. Sort of cool though - a ghost moon perhaps :)
DSC_0225 (3) DSC_0228 (3)
As much as I wanted to stay up and get the whole thing, I did have to get up in the morning and I succumbed to sleep. I got to watch most of it though!
I do have pictures of the minions and outings and fiber-y stuff to post but I've been busy prepping for a vendor gig next weekend and I haven't had much computer time. Until next time...

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Mason & Karen said...

Nice pics!! Way better than mine :)