Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ledges Take 2

The weather is gorgeous so the hubby and I took the minions out for a little more hiking today.  We wandered around the trails on the other side of the park this time.  So.  Many.  Steps.  It was fun though!

DSC_0618 (2) DSC_0621 (2) DSC_0626 (2) DSC_0627 (2) DSC_0629 (2) DSC_0630 (2) DSC_0632 (2) DSC_0634 (2)
I adore this little stone bench. I could put in some serious knitting time there with a view like that!
DSC_0635 (2) DSC_0643 (2)
For whatever reason it seems like a lot of leaves are falling before they are turning this year. Makes for interesting textures and colors though!
DSC_0639 (2) DSC_0640 (2) DSC_0644 (2) DSC_0645 (2) DSC_0646 (2) DSC_0681 (2)
My adventurous one...  Can I scale down this steep angle to get to the tree over there so you can take my picture and then try to climb on one of the branches to get even higher before Mom tells me to get down so she can get a shot?
DSC_0650 (2)
We went up, then down, then up back up, then back down, then up again, then down...  As per the usual, the minions want to fly through everything and I'm trying to soak in the wonderful energy and take my time...
DSC_0652 (2) DSC_0655 (2) DSC_0656 (2) DSC_0663 (2)DSC_0669 (2) DSC_0678 (2)
And of course, the moss and fungi... I should start a new blog - the Moss and Fungi blog!
DSC_0659 (2) DSC_0673 (2) DSC_0677 (2) DSC_0713 (2)DSC_0716 (2) DSC_0719 (2) DSC_0720 (2)
Can you guess what the hardest part of today was? It wasn't the steps, it was trying to get these two to take a picture together...
DSC_0693 (2)
Most of them looked something like this.
DSC_0691 (2)
More views .
DSC_0699 (2) DSC_0705 (2)DSC_0725 (2) DSC_0738 (2) DSC_0740 (2) DSC_0743 (2) DSC_0744 (2) DSC_0727 (2)
Little man found a new friend, Henry. He carried him around for a while and then found a nice mossy spot.
DSC_0709 (2)
I remember my dad taking photos from this very spot.
DSC_0734 (2)

I did even get a bit of knitting done!  We sat down for a few minutes in the middle of the hike and I knit a few rows on my second Halloweentown sock.  I might just have a finished pair for Halloween!!!

IMG_20151018_124122 (2)

We headed out and went to some of the woodland trails at the Arboretum. We were rather tired at that point and my lungs were acting up (fortunately I brought my inhaler...) so we didn't go through all of the woodland trails but we hit a few and will go back again. There must be a haunted forest type thing going on or will be going on shortly.

DSC_0745 (2)

There were lots of fake webs hung between the trees.

DSC_0769 (2) DSC_0770 (2)
These woods reminded me a lot of the ones I would frequent when I was growing up. If I lived closer I'd be wandering about all the time!

DSC_0751 (2) DSC_0778 (2) DSC_0781 (2)

One trail led to another and we went down 133 steps. There was a sign telling us how many :)

DSC_0755 (2)
I saw a handful of these trees with the fungi all spread across the trunks.

DSC_0759 (2)

The steps led down to this and the trail abruptly stopped.

DSC_0763 (2)

So we went back up the 133 stairs (though I only counted 131!)

DSC_0767 (2)
There was even a little cemetery area.

DSC_0771 (2) DSC_0772 (2) DSC_0776 (2)

There were still a bunch of grasshoppers about. Both minions caught one (and let it go) and at one point little miss didn't even have to try, they just jumped up on her.

DSC_0783 (2) DSC_0788 (2) DSC_0746 (2)

Hopefully the weather will hold and we can try out Jester next weekend!

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