Monday, October 12, 2015

Field Trip Time

Little miss had her first field trip of the year - they headed to Living History Farms as it went along with their current Social Studies lessons.

They started off in the 1875 town with the broom maker and the Implements building.

DSC_0382 (2) DSC_0385 (2) DSC_0389 (2) DSC_0391 (2) DSC_0396 (2) DSC_0401 (2) DSC_0403 (2) DSC_0406 (2) DSC_0424 (2) DSC_0429 (2) DSC_0431 (2) DSC_0449 (3) DSC_0450 (2) DSC_0458 (2) DSC_0461 (2) DSC_0463 (2) DSC_0465 (2)

Then it was a short trek to the Ioway Indians and the other farms.

DSC_0477 (2) DSC_0478 (2) DSC_0480 (2) DSC_0491 (2) DSC_0493 (2) DSC_0494 (2) DSC_0496 (2) DSC_0511 (2) DSC_0517 (2) DSC_0527 (2)

As crummy as it would have probably been, I would totally stay in the cabin for a weekend :)

DSC_0553 (2) DSC_0538 (2) DSC_0545 (2) DSC_0546 (2) DSC_0550 (2) DSC_0542 (2)
The 1900's Horse-Powered Farm.
DSC_0563 (2) DSC_0571 (2) DSC_0576 (2)
During the trip, one of the Moms that takes her kids to LHF regularly was telling me that they had gone on a tour and one of the tour guides mentioned the "family toothbrush". Per that tour guide the family would share one or two toothbrushes. I don't think I could have handled that...
DSC_0565 (2)
It would seem that I can't go anywhere at the moment without running into a woolly caterpillar...

DSC_0520 (2)

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Mason & Karen said...

I'm with you. There is a lot of sharing in a family, but toothbrushes should not be included.