Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Little Bit of Random

I'm trying to stay more on top of updating the blog.  I give you no promises though!

Last weekend I was a vendor at the Vintage and Made Fair.  It was a good time - the weather was gorgeous and I was close to the live music, there were several nice vendors nearby that I met and got talking with and as you can see, the bathrooms weren't too far off which wasn't as bad as you'd think.

20151010_090159 (2)

This was my first vendor gig that wasn't strictly a fiber event so it was a bit different. I got a lot of comments like "That is so pretty but I wish I knew what to do with it." and "I used to knit but I don't have time any more." or "I love your stuff and am so glad you're here" and then they'd walk away... I did meet a lot of new people though and was happy to let the kids (and adults) get their hands on the fibers. I take it for granted since I am surrounded by fiber and yarn these days but for a lot of people it was a first experience! They loved the big roving balls in the trunk - they were the hit of the weekend.

The other great thing about that weekend is since I wasn't busy the whole time I got some knitting done! I finished this cowl - Handbrake Cowl pattern using my handspun (the fiber was dyed by Gherkin's Bucket for her Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Club she did a few years back).

IMG_20151010_134811 (2)

And I finished my first Halloweentown sock, started on the second, and I finished that pair of Fisherman's Mittens that I started earlier this year and sort of ignored for several months... I haven't taken any pics of those yet though. Nor have I taken pictures of the objects and scarves I made for the event. Maybe this week after school.

It's fundraising time once again (I told you this was a random post) and as part of the "pump it up" activities, students' names are drawn for a Principal Taxi Ride where the Principal drives them around the school with lights and songs blaring.  The students have gotten a big kick out of it and little man's name happened to be drawn the other day.

20151009_083952 (2)
I'm pretty sure I forgot to add this picture to the post I put up about little miss' field trip.  I don't seem to upload pictures as often from my phone so this one wasn't on the computer when I posted...

IMG_20151008_124637 (2)
That's it for now.  I have some sewing to do and the never-ending pile of laundry needs attending to.  Have a great week!

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