Sunday, October 04, 2015

Ledges - Part 2

When the hubby and I were younger we both remember climbing all over the limestone at the Ledges but now they have roped and sectioned things off so you can't get close to the edges anymore.  I remember being terrified a few times half dangling off one of the rocks to get to "the cool spot" so perhaps it's better this way.

DSC_0694 (2)
I also don't remember there being quite so many steps but we got it done!
DSC_0695 (2) DSC_0702 (2)
Little man and I both thought this guy looked a little grumpy.
DSC_0707 (2)
We hadn't gone to far when little man found Dave. He wanted to give him a tour of the Ledges so he carried him around until the end of our trail where he found him a nice cozy spot.

DSC_0711 (2) DSC_0727 (2)

More steps.
DSC_0716 (2)
DSC_0722 (2) DSC_0729 (2) DSC_0730 (2) DSC_0731 (2) DSC_0737 (2) DSC_0745 (2)

Remember me telling you in the beginning of the post how we use to rock climb to get to the "cool spot" This was the "cool spot". We would shimmy along that little ledge until we got into the concave portion of the rock and then we'd have to shimmy back out again.

DSC_0752 (2) DSC_0759 (2) DSC_0760 (2)

It looked a lot more impressive when I was little miss' age but perhaps the allure is still there because little miss immediately tried to get up there despite the "no climbing" signs. She didn't make it very far.

DSC_0764 (2) DSC_0765 (2) DSC_0766 (2)

On our way out we saw this couple driving around in what appears to be a rather old automobile going by the wooden wheels. I blurred out the license plate which is why it looks a bit off.

DSC_0776 (2)

After all that hiking we decided to check out the Arboretum that wasn't too far away. I had never been and the hubby said he had only gone cross country skiing on the nearby trails when he was younger. I was expecting something different I think - there were a lot of trees and things but it was a really wide open space where the arboretums I have been too in the past all seem to have had more plant-life. I don't know. It was still pretty.

DSC_0779 (2) DSC_0787 (2) DSC_0792 (2) DSC_0798 (2)

It did have it's own little cemetery though - I'm assuming for critters?

DSC_0799 (2) DSC_0807 (2)

I think the huge weeping willow was the highlight though. To have had that to hang out under growing up... That would have been cool! Even as an adult - I'd knit under that! You felt like you were in your own little world somehow.

DSC_0817 (2) DSC_0809 (2) DSC_0815 (2)

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Mason & Karen said...

Ledges was awesome! Does the stream still flow over the road? Great pics!