Sunday, October 04, 2015

Farm Crawl 2015

Holy cow!  I think I'm caught up on the blog after this post!!!

Today was the annual Farm Crawl.  I love the Farm Crawl.  I'm already looking forward to next year's!  Today was cooler and overcast which meant it was great for us (maybe not quite so many people to contend with - but we were early as well) though I hope the farms had decent traffic.

We hit the pumpkin patch first.  The minions ran through the maze quickly and told me I had to take a picture of the big white chicken in it.

DSC_0298 (2) DSC_0299 (2)

Turns out it was a turkey...

DSC_0350 (2) DSC_0296 (2)

As per their usual, there was a plethora of pumpkins and all things gourd-y.

DSC_0301 (2) DSC_0302 (2) DSC_0303 (2) DSC_0305 (2)
The minions may have brought home that crazy one with the large green and white, I don't know, growth? there in the middle...
DSC_0307 (2)
I love all the fall colors! Even driving down the highways - it's so nice to see the varying colors among all the different types of fields...
DSC_0313 (2) DSC_0321 (2) DSC_0322 (2) DSC_0324 (2)
Anyone know what type of plant this is?
DSC_0328 (2) DSC_0330 (2) DSC_0329 (2) DSC_0331 (2) DSC_0333 (2) DSC_0335 (2) DSC_0336 (2) DSC_0338 (2) DSC_0341 (2) DSC_0344 (2) DSC_0345 (2)
Next we went to a farm that has multiple vendors set up. They had a new alpaca - 6 weeks old.
DSC_0368 (2) DSC_0371 (2) DSC_0378 (2) DSC_0379 (2)
Lastly we stocked up on apples at the orchard. I was rather chilly by this point so I didn't take any pictures there but as usual, after our "crawl", I really feel the need to start my own little homestead - complete with a large garden, chickens, a few sheep, an alpaca as a guard dog, and wide open space. The hubby says he'd just put up a separate building for my dye/fiber stuff... If only.......

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Mason & Karen said...

FUN! I love the idea of a farm crawl...the farms out here just compete with each other. Love the big white chicken :)