Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Miscellaneus Summer Happenings

The minions return to school next Wednesday and I return this Friday.  Seriously, where did the Summer go?  I was sitting down trying to figure out what we have done to fill up our days and came to the realization that it's been a bunch of miscellany. 

Little man and I completed the Color Run this year.  It was fun despite my ongoing shin splint problems.  Seriously, my legs have hurt since March.  Something needs to be done....

This photo was taken after we finished the run and were doused in a similar cloud of color.

20150711_103509 (2)
My FIL hosted an event where Ron Campbell (retired illustrator that worked on the Yellow Submarine and just about every other 80's cartoon series you can think of) came to his gallery and the minions each received a drawing by the legend himself :)
20150711_135651 (2) 20150711_135700 (2) 20150711_135828 (2)
Their drawings were framed by my FIL and are in the minions' rooms.

Wallpaper was scraped, walls were painted, and little miss' room was eventually put back together.
IMG_20150714_105031 (2) 20150721_175241 (2)
I had a skein of art yarn spun by my friend Krysten in rainbow colors sitting in the stash that I thought could be cool hanging on little miss' wall. A white frame was obtained by my FIL and after having fun with a staple gun, a new piece of artwork was finished.
IMG_20150731_175542 (2)
Little man signed up for a quilting class at the end of July. Just before his class he practiced sewing straight lines on my machine.  Kids have to be 10 to join the class so little miss will take it the class next year.
IMG_20150730_161506 (2)
He was hooked, especially after bringing home his finished quilt :)
IMG_20150731_180731 (2)
He chose fabrics that represent each member of the family which I thought was very cool! Naturally, little miss wanted to sew as well.
  IMG_20150731_084924 (2)
The two have sewn a plethora of little pouches to store their treasures since then and little man wants to sew at the State Fair this week - they are housing a sewing area where people can stop by and sew for a little while and the finished quilts will be donated to charity.

I have been sewing things as well. Well, it started with me continuing to wage war against the random corners of my house and was trying to clear out some of my fabric stash that has been sitting in little man's closet for a while now so I have made multiple pairs of pants, Swiffer duster refills, and I have fabric ironed that will become bags for me, for the minions, and for the shop. I had a bunch of leftover fleece from some of the Halloween costumes I've made for the minions in years past and I decided that I could make extra-long pj pants for the minions that they could grow into. It is so hard to find pants that are long enough for little man!
  IMG_20150805_180109 (2)
One of the other things that I've sewn lately is a bag using an old shirt of my Dad's.  Earlier this Summer when I was at my parents' house he mentioned that he was going to throw one of his old shirts away and I looked at it and though it was getting a little worn in places there was still a bunch of decent fabric left so I rescued it and made a little project bag for myself. 

DSC_0484 (2)
I used some vintage charm squares to make the inner lining and after I trimmed the front panel I found that I had the perfect amount left over to plug into the handles as well - no wasted fabric!
DSC_0488 (2)

In other crafting news, Little miss learned how to knit this Summer!!!!!
IMG_20150730_161101 (2)
She's been working on her first project/swatch and she told me yesterday that she was ready for me to help her bind off so she can move on to her next project.
The minions and I were a part of our town's Summerfest Parade over the - we walked with other staff/members of our school. Little man wanted his picture to be taken with the Subway Man before the parade began :)

After attending the Vintage and Made Fair last Spring, I thought it would be fun to vend the next Fair in October and I received word that my vendor application was accepted! I will be vending in West Des Monies on October 10-11, 2015 so stop on by and say "Hi!" if you're in the area :) I have been working on a scrappy bunting for the tent that I still need to purchase...

IMG_20150729_104341 (2)

The weather this Summer has been rather weird - really hot spells mixed in with cooler temperatures but it allowed the minions to look for some wildlife in our yard while I shucked a bunch of corn from our Family's Farm up North :)

DSC_0344 (2) DSC_0350 (2)

We ate some of the corn but I froze most of it - it is going to taste so good come Winter! I have been knitting and crocheting and weaving a bit as well but I still need to take pictures of all of that so... We've noticed that it has switched over from ant season to spider season around the house. Webs can be found just about everywhere these days. There is an especially sizeable web right in front of our front door.

DSC_0448 (2) DSC_0460 (2) DSC_0467 (2) DSC_0482 (2) DSC_0481 (2)DSC_0490 (2)
Little man has been conducting random science experiments of late. Here he was checking out the difference in splashes/spray dispersion between a smaller bucket of water on the steps vs a larger bucket.
DSC_0495 (2) DSC_0504 (2)
It was time for the minions' annual eye exams last week and little man picked out a pair of new frames. He liked these because they have flames on the sides.
DSC_0473 (2) DSC_0469 (2)
August has always been a bittersweet month for me. I have made no secret about the fact that Autumn is my favorite Season and that I am more of a cold weather person; so in theory, Summer's end should make me super happy, but there is still something sad about August because I know the carefree days of Summer are coming to an end. Right now we are serenaded by cicadas day and night, which is lovely, but it will be ending before I know it. The apples from my neighbors tree are almost ready to be picked (if the squirrels leave any) and I've noticed the trees seem to be getting ready to change shortly. Don't get me wrong, I am very much looking forward to cooler days with the windows open and something warm cooking on the stove but the transition between the no-schedule Summer days and the structured school/soccer schedule can be a bit daunting. Plus, it means that the Holidays are looming ever closer which is enough to make even the most seasoned crafter quake in their boots.
DSC_0454 (2) DSC_0500 (2)
Little miss has continued to work on her soccer skills thru the Summer between weekly camps that our soccer league put on - I say "camps" loosely, it was more of a get-together where the kids play games/scrimmage but it keeps them kicking the ball around - and working with a coach at Simpson college.    Little man has been working on baseball skills with the hubby as well.  The hubby is now an independent insurance agent and is working hard on trying to obtain new clients so if you're in Iowa and are looking for new insurance, drop me a line!
Other than that, we just went to the in-law's lake house this past weekend while they were in Portland and basically hung out and did nothing.  I didn't even knit all that much.  It was nice to decompress but I'm still trying to catch up on the sleep that I lose whenever I stay down there.  The minions and I are planning on heading to the Fair tomorrow and a day at Adventureland might be in our future this week as well before I head back to school.
DSC_0438 (2)
This is getting a bit long so I'll put the photos we took from the Fairgrounds in the next post.

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