Thursday, July 23, 2015


Midwest Summer is upon us and if you have never had the opportunity to experience a Midwest Summer, it is miserably hot and humid.  That said, I would think it would have to be a little better than a Southern Summer...

To stay cool, the minions have been hitting the water both at the in-laws lake house a few weekends ago and they just finished up some swim lessons this morning.

DSC_0142 (2) DSC_0144 (2) DSC_0148 (2)
The minions like to get airborn.
DSC_0170 (2) DSC_0171 (2) DSC_0172 (2) DSC_0154 (2) DSC_0155 (2)
Evidently the minions aren't the only creatures trying to beat the heat. I found this little guy on a chair near the pool.
  DSC_0189 (2)DSC_0190 (2)
He told little man that he wanted to try the pool as well.
DSC_0196 (2) DSC_0203 (2)
Little miss nabbed him after a while and we found him a shady spot.
DSC_0209 (3)
That weekend was especially nasty out so I only took a few pictures around the gardens.
  DSC_0081 (2) DSC_0089 (2) DSC_0091 (2) DSC_0130 (2)
What was rather disturbing though was the fact that I only saw 1 bumble. ONE. Usually the flowers are teaming with bumbles around this time of year... :/
DSC_0102 (2)
This year one of the teachers at our school started teaching private swim lessons. It was only 4 days but the minions were the only ones in the pool which meant lots of swim time and I cannot tell you what a difference those 4 days have made. Both minions are much more comfortable in the water, they know how to breathe, and their strokes are coming along. Maybe next Summer we can swing 2 weeks worth...
DSC_0227 (2) DSC_0248 (2) DSC_0276 (2) DSC_0271 (2) DSC_0259 (2)
They played around a bit today. Little miss is the queen of the rings.
DSC_0278 (2) DSC_0298 (2)
Little man was just having fun floating and messing around.
DSC_0314 (2)
And of course, they had to get aerial.
DSC_0287 (2) DSC_0291 (2) DSC_0320 (2) DSC_0321 (2) DSC_0322 (2) DSC_0329 (2) DSC_0330 (2)
Great job, guys! I do have some knitting content, but I need to block it first. Well, first I need to make room to block it and then I can commence with the actual blocking... We have been redoing little miss' room these past few weeks. We're just about done and she loves it!

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