Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015 Pre-Fair photos

It has become a bit of a tradition for the minions and I to head out to the fairgrounds before the State Fair officially opens - we get to walk around for FREE and take pictures without all of the crowds and things...

This year we didn't walk everywhere since we ran into one of little miss' friends as we were entering the facilities but we hung out in the garden area and the minions played on some of the playground equipment.

DSC_0354 (2) DSC_0355 (2) DSC_0360 (2) DSC_0363 (2) DSC_0369 (2) DSC_0370 (2) DSC_0372 (2) DSC_0373 (2) DSC_0375 (2) DSC_0378 (2) DSC_0379 (2) DSC_0380 (2) DSC_0385 (2) DSC_0391 (2) DSC_0398 (2) DSC_0403 (2) DSC_0406 (2) DSC_0408 (2) DSC_0409 (2) DSC_0420 (2) DSC_0423 (2) DSC_0424 (2)

This year's statues were horses.  Here are a few that we did see.

DSC_0421 (2) DSC_0434 (2) DSC_0435 (2) DSC_0427 (2) DSC_0436 (2)
I'm only planning on taking my phone tomorrow so I might take a few new photos or I might not, we'll see :)

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