Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for the minions and I realized that I almost forgot to put up some sort of photo commemorating the occasion!  That would have been inexcusable so here is one lonely picture for you.  Full-body shots will come next post!

DSC_0537 (2)

Though I do find it rather difficult to find pants long enough for little man, these are not, in fact, highwaters.  I made him pull them up for the obligatory back-to-school sock photo :)  Once again, little miss chose not to wear hers which is perfectly fine.  I started out making them for comfort (like a little hug from Mom on your feet) but really, at this age it's more about me making sure they have at least one pair of wool socks (that fit) to keep them warm this Fall so they're both set for a little while anyway.  I work better with a deadline, what can I say?

Little man is in 5th grade and little miss is in 4th.  This will be the last year that we will all be in the same school ;(  Both had a great day and were very excited to tell me all about as well as their plans for the year.

I, on the other hand, am beyond exhausted after my continued efforts to dig out from under the mountain of paperwork (immunizations, meds, health conditions, health plans, physical forms, screening forms, adds, drops, surprises, and a bunch of miscellany) looming all around me so I am heading to bed.  Tomorrow looks like it will be another long day....

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