Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Time Between

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are spread pretty thin at the moment but we have been filling the time between games and practices with a little bit of green.

Little man brought home a succulent a while back and they are so fun to plant that we got a few more.

DSC_0818 (2) DSC_0813 (2)

Little miss was all about the flowers so we grabbed a few of those as well.

DSC_0833 (2) DSC_0834 (2)
Litle man even got a few venus fly traps.  I've never had a fly trap before - what is it with things in my house eating bugs??? - and it's a little high-maintenance...  I'm hoping we can keep it alive. 

DSC_0809 (2)

I had a helluva time trying to find regular perlite to use for the fly traps so a trip was made to visit our friend Pejo who has a greenhouse down in Fairfield, IA. P's place is a wonderland, and the minions wasted no time exploring. Little man found a plethora of little tadpoles.

DSC_0841 (2) DSC_0853 (2) DSC_0857 (2) DSC_0870 (2) DSC_0876 (2)

Little miss helped P pick a wildflower bouquet.

DSC_0848 (2)
I love finding natural lace...
DSC_0829 (2)

Before we went on a mushroom hunt, I explored the area.

DSC_0862 (2) DSC_0866 (2) DSC_0868 (2) DSC_0881 (2) DSC_0894 (2) DSC_0895 (2) DSC_0912 (2) DSC_0917 (2) DSC_0919 (2) DSC_0928 (2)
Here's the snake that I almost stepped on. Good times ;)
DSC_0949 (2) DSC_0951 (2)
P took us out in the woods along a nearby trail to hunt for mushrooms. We didn't find any - most likely because we were with him ;) I took more photos during our jaunt.
DSC_1011 (2) DSC_1014 (2) DSC_0958 (2) DSC_0965 (2) DSC_0959 (2) DSC_0961 (2) DSC_0967 (2) DSC_0969 (2) DSC_0971 (2)
Little man was on a quest to nab a frog.
DSC_0976 (2) DSC_0978 (2) DSC_0981 (2) DSC_0984 (2)
He came up empty handed. Little miss even helped out - trying to move them towards little man when they were closer to the water.
DSC_0990 (2) DSC_1002 (2)
I just loved how the light played with the leaves and tree limbs.
DSC_1020 (2) DSC_1022 (2) DSC_1027 (2) DSC_1028 (2) DSC_1029 (2)
If you look closely, you can see the owl that swooped up and settled on the branch in this picture.
DSC_1030 (2) DSC_1035 (2) DSC_1039 (2)
You know me and fungus.... I can't seem to help myself!
DSC_1041 (2)
I think the only thing "caught" during our walk was an inchworm that we then let go.
DSC_1044 (2)
Gotta love it when your boots get stuck in the mud ;)
DSC_1046 (2) DSC_1052 (2) DSC_1060 (2) DSC_1063 (2)
Back at the house, little man finally had some success!
DSC_1068 (2) DSC_1075 (3)
Telling secrets...
DSC_1079 (2)
Home again.
DSC_1081 (2)
Now that catching a frog was taken care of, he set out to create waterslides and volcanos in the sand.
DSC_1090 (2) DSC_1092 (2) DSC_1094 (2)
P showed me his hosta garden - so many cool varieties and in one corner I found my favorite flower. Growing up, I had a bunch of these planted under my bedroom window and the smell when the windows were open was fantastic! I need to get some planted around our house.
DSC_1101 (2) DSC_1102 (2) DSC_1104 (2) DSC_1105 (2)
Such a lovely day.
DSC_1111 (2)
Thanks, P and T, for letting us hang out with you guys! We'll do it again soon, I hope :)

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