Sunday, May 17, 2015

Field Trip

Little man's class had a field trip to Living History Farms last week and I got to tag along.  I was surprised at how many students counted this field trip as their first trip to the Farms.  We didn't see everything but the sites we did see were a bit more interactive than we get on a random trip to the Farms so it all evens out in the end.  I was a bit bummed to find out that they moved the Ioway Indian area from the woods to an upper field closer to one of the other farms - that wooded trail was one of my favorite things about that portion of the experience...

In no particular order, here are some photos from our day.

DSC_0911 (2) DSC_0920 (2) DSC_0922 (2) DSC_0923 (2) DSC_0925 (2) DSC_0928 (2) DSC_0932 (2) DSC_0934 (2) DSC_0935 (2) DSC_0941 (2) DSC_0952 (2) DSC_0955 (2) DSC_0958 (2) DSC_0959 (2) DSC_0962 (2) DSC_0965 (2) DSC_0979 (2) DSC_0980 (2) DSC_0981 (2) DSC_0983 (2) DSC_0988 (2) DSC_0991 (2) DSC_0992 (2) DSC_1001 (2) DSC_1007 (2) DSC_1012 (2) DSC_1016 (2) DSC_1017 (2)

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