Saturday, May 09, 2015

My 2 Favorite Minions

For us, Spring is by far the fastest Season of the year in regards to how quickly it seems to fly by.  That is mostly due to our crazy soccer and baseball schedule.  I am looking forward to Summer Break just so I can try to reclaim a tiny portion of the house that has been neglected these past weeks.  The minions have been working hard at their respective sports and they are both doing well on their teams :) 

Little miss' team won again today and she scored 3 of the 4 goals for the team!  She was pretty pumped. 

DSC_1069 (2)

Here are a few other shots of her during today's game and the one just prior.

DSC_1030 (2) DSC_1033 (2) DSC_1054 (2) DSC_1079 (2) DSC_1080 (2) DSC_1083 (2) DSC_1094 (2) DSC_1096 (2) DSC_1100 (2) DSC_1109 (2) DSC_1124 (2) DSC_0753 (2) DSC_0734 (2) DSC_0712 (2)
She told me the other day on the way home from soccer practice, "Mom, I'm going to play soccer for the rest of my life!" I am very proud of this girl!!!
I am also very proud of this boy - he continues to work hard on his pitching and even pitched his most recent game with Grandpa H behind homeplate - our ump was a no-show so H was recruited for the game.
DSC_1132 (2)
DSC_1141 (2)  

Unfortunately the new equipment our Little League purchased did not include adult-sized Ump gear...
DSC_1147 (2)
Here are some pictures of little man warming up before one of his previous games. 

DSC_0757 (2) DSC_0758 (2) DSC_0759 (2) DSC_0774 (2) DSC_0764 (2) DSC_0791 (2) DSC_0805 (2)
When he's not pitching he plays center field and does a nice job behind the plate :)

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