Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Little Bit of Everything

I had meant to take photos of some of my knitting projects and post them shortly after the Spring Break posts but obviously, that didn't happen.

Though I am still looking for a sock that I need to photograph, I thought I'd post the ones that I do have pictures of.  I've been making socks lately...  Not all of them are for me though.

Since I have another 3 or 4 pairs that are just about ready to throw in the towel, (very close to holes), I was going to make myself a pair of socks using one of my Outlander colorways - Highlander.  This was just a basic Stockinette sock but I used a different gusset on it and I'm not loving the fit on my foot.  So, this sock will remain a store sample.

DSC_0694 (2)
At this point, I wasn't really perturbed and CO a new pair of socks for me using my Expedition Sock 1 base (which I love) in the Sassenach Colorway. I loved how it turned out but it wasn't for me. Yet another shop sample. This is the sock that I need to find... Pictues later.
Now I was faced with a situation that I did not know what pair of socks to make for myself. The minions came to my rescue and picked out some Kroy socks. This is not my favorite sock yarn to knit with though by the feel of it, these socks should not wear out any time soon. Which is a plus. Unfortunately, I finished them when the weather started to warm up and these socks are way too warm for anything above 20 degrees. At least I'll have a pair for next Winter!
DSC_0700 (2)
Then, since I was on a roll, I was going to make myself a pair of Petunia Dursley's Double Eyelet Socks (my very first sock pattern...) but I messed up the CO so these will be for little miss. This is the Blossom colorway and I'm very glad that I screwed up the CO because there is just something about this colorway knit up just screams little girl socks.
DSC_0697 (2)
I will be having another vendor gig coming up in June and I am going to feature some sock kits with contrasting heels and toes. Since I wanted to have a sample sock knit up for each, I CO a Hermione's Everyday Sock that was supposed to be just a store sample and I would then use the remaining yardage for mini skeins but I just might have to knit the second sock and keep it for myself. You know, to make sure I have enough yardage... I'm almost to the heel of the first sock so I'll have a better idea of whether or not they are for me once I get a little farther in.
Speaking of Hermione's Everyday Socks... I check my pattern activity on Ravelry now and again and each time I am absolutely floored to see how many pairs of Hermione socks there are out in the world. I snipped this image today.
hermione socks 4-12-15
There are over 9500 Hermione socks!!!!!!!!!!! I have goosebumps :) Simply incredible...
It hasn't been all socks though, I decided that I needed a new pair of mittens since my pair is getting a little worn out (after many years of usage!) so I CO a pair of Fisherman's Mittens for myself using a skein of Aran weight. Pissed.
Now that it's warmer I lost my mitten mojo but I'll CO for the second soon (so my gauge isn't completely off) and I'll just use some of my Sea Serpent leftovers for the cuff which means I should have enough purple for the main part of the second mitten.
Going back to Spring Break, (during the day trip to Minnesota), I got a little busy with my crochet hook and crocheted a shawl for one of the volunteers at our school. She is there a few days a week and has been for years. The minions helped me pick out the yarn for the shawl while we were waiting for little man's glasses to get repaired. Here it is - a simple granny triangle.
DSC_0614 (2) DSC_0605 (2) DSC_0607 (2)
During the afternoon on the Sunday before school resumed after Break, the hubby and I took the minions to Simpson College (the hubby's alma mater) so little miss could work on a little soccer with their women's soccer coach. Neither minion had been on a college track/football field before. Little man enjoyed himself.
DSC_0609 (2) DSC_0619 (2) DSC_0621 (2)
Then the boys did some baseball while little miss worked on her soccer skills.
DSC_0655 (2) DSC_0642 (2) DSC_0645 (2) DSC_0650 (2)
Baseball season and soccer season have officially begun. I am the assistant coach for little miss' team again this time around. We had our first soccer game yesterday and she scored the first goal for her team for the Season :) They ended up winning which she was rather pleased about. I'll try for better pictures next game - she was clear across the field each time she had the ball and I didn't bring my bigger lens with me...
DSC_0666 (2) DSC_0661 (3) DSC_0691 (2)
We had a nice Easter - spent time with family and relaxed. My MIL brought over the supplies to make her Russian Easter Eggs with little miss.
Since I know you're all wondering how Winston and Rocky's hair is growing in, they are both doing, uh, well?
DSC_0702 (2)
I suppose I should get back to my To Do list for the day. Weekends are just not long enough. Here's a photo of our first Daffodil of the Season :)
DSC_0701 (2)

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Great action shots! Looks like Little Miss is really serious about soccer! Winston and Rocky have a lot of facial hair, huh? :)