Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Break - Part 3 - The Botanical Center

It has become a tradition to visit the Botanical Center during Spring Break.  We actually look forward to it all Winter; the minions get to create new projects and we all get a dose of humidity and color just when we think Spring will never arrive.

This year the minions made homemade Chia Pets along with a few other projects :)

DSC_0500 (2) DSC_0501 (2)
Meet Winston and Rocky. I'll let you know if/when their hair comes in! Here is a little dose of color for you.
DSC_0496 (2) DSC_0499 (2) DSC_0502 (2) DSC_0503 (2) DSC_0504 (2) DSC_0507 (2) DSC_0508 (2) DSC_0510 (2) DSC_0512 (2) DSC_0513 (2) DSC_0515 (2) DSC_0516 (2)
I love the idea of using wine bottles to grow plants and succulents - plans are in effect to make it happen in my garden this year.
DSC_0520 (2) DSC_0522 (2) DSC_0524 (2) DSC_0527 (3) DSC_0529 (2) DSC_0530 (2) DSC_0536 (2) DSC_0531 (2) DSC_0535 (2) DSC_0540 (2) DSC_0538 (2) DSC_0542 (2) DSC_0550 (2) DSC_0548 (2) DSC_0554 (2) DSC_0563 (2) DSC_0572 (2) DSC_0583 (2) DSC_0558 (2) DSC_0567 (2)
DSC_0570 (2) DSC_0588 (2) DSC_0586 (2) DSC_0596 DSC_0593 (2) DSC_0599 DSC_0597 DSC_0600 IMG_20150318_110205
Throw in a lunchdate with the Hubby, acquiring the still-needed baseball and soccer equipment, new shoes, a bit of time spent with the Great Grandmas here in town, visiting the library, and using up the gift certificates to Barnes and Noble (received for Christmas) and that pretty much sums up our Spring Break. Minus the knitting and soccer/baseball practices that will take place tomorrow...
 I really hoped to get more done in the house... We did get a bunch cleaned and organized in the house/bedrooms, you just can't tell at the moment. It never ends. ;) Maybe I'll find all the floors at the same time during Summer Break. Maybe. I can't believe our Break is almost over - off to make the most of it :)

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