Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Break - Part 1 - Fresh Air

Spring Break is coming to a close.  I'm rather sad about that - it was a good week.  The Dreams in Fiber household did not go on an epic trip, but we fit a lot into our week...

Since the weather was nice and warm towards the beginning of our Break, we spent some time outside exploring one of our local Parks.


It is nice to go hiking this time of year because the bugs haven't arisen to horrifying numbers yet and you can take time to notice the different textures and things that are sometimes missed when things are muggy and green.

DSC_0389 (2) DSC_0412 (2) DSC_0422 (2) DSC_0420 (2) DSC_0478 (2)
Of course, there was some green to be found.
DSC_0391 (2) DSC_0392 (2) DSC_0394 (2) DSC_0407 (2) DSC_0402 (2)
The minions and I made our way down the trail towards the pond, exploring as we went.
DSC_0409 (2) DSC_0419 (2) DSC_0399 (2) DSC_0426 (2) DSC_0429 (2) DSC_0433 (2) DSC_0438 (2) DSC_0445 (2) DSC_0454 (2) DSC_0452 (2)
Then it was back up the hill so we could explore new areas. I love how you can really see the thorns and coily little vines this time of year.
DSC_0456 (2) DSC_0470 (2) DSC_0464 (2) DSC_0480 (2) DSC_0476 (2) DSC_0469 (2)
The minions wanted to check out how high the river was on our way home. Not very high...
New friends were even found in our own yard this week - meet Mub and Flub? I can't remember - little man named them after the slugs from the movie Epic. I think.
IMG_20150317_120601 DSC_0376 (2) DSC_0373 (2)
Mub and Flub (or whatever their names are) are now back in the habitat in which they were found :)
Baseball practices start tomorrow and soccer practices start next week so I'm sure we will be getting lots of fresh air in the next few months!

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