Saturday, September 06, 2014

Go Wildcats!

Little miss had her first game of the Fall 2014 Season this morning.  She did pretty good and I am very proud of her, though to be fair, the entire team has lots of room for improvement over the course of the Season :)  This was their very first U10 game with the larger field and actual positions (including a goalie) so it's going to be a learning experience!

Here are a few shots of her in action.

DSC_0496 (2) DSC_0500 (2) DSC_0511 (2) DSC_0522 (2) DSC_0485 (2)
I was going to post these tomorrow since the weather is beautiful outside but I tweaked my neck something fierce right before her game and I get lovely shooting pains whenever I try to move it.  Good times.  So, stationary head = computer stuff I suppose :)  I might try to sit outside and knit in a little bit though.
I have gotten a bit done today though on the computer - I put up the next round of Outlander colorways in my Etsy shop and will finish charting yet another new pattern (I think I have 3 in progress at the moment with another however many patiently waiting...) when I'm done here.
Here are the 12 Outlander Colorways all nestled together.
DSC_0585 (2)
I also got word the other day that our Bakery Bear blanket squares made it safely to the UK! I decided to knit one myself and knit one using my Au Natural in the Suffolk/Alpaca Blend from last year's batch.
DSC_0476 (2)
Have a great weekend!

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Mason & Karen said...

She looks like a fierce competitor!