Thursday, August 07, 2014

Fair Time

August has always been a busy month for me.  My family celebrates a number of birthdays, including mine, school resumes, and the annual Iowa State Fair is held.

As per our normal, the minions and I took the hubby to the Fairgrounds a few days before it officially opened so we could walk around and see some of the animals and things without all the usual chaos and people that always accompanies the Fair once the gates officially open. 

It was an abbreviated trip this year because I have been a little under the weather this week but we checked out the gardens and meandered around for an hour or so.

Evidently, this year's painted statues are shapes of Iowa.  Here are a few that we saw.  I didn't notice as many of these as I did in past years but perhaps they hid them better this year.

DSC_0836 (2) DSC_0838 (2)DSC_0840 (2) DSC_0886 (2)
The cool addition this year though, is the American Gothic sculpture.
DSC_0881 (2)
Here's an idea of scale. Little miss is down there by their shoes.
DSC_0883 (2)
It's not tiny. You can't miss it!
DSC_0885 (2) DSC_0891 (2)
Both minions had fun in the garden area; little miss enjoyed the flowers and butterflies while little man scoped out the bumbles with me.
DSC_0842 (2) DSC_0844 (2) DSC_0853 (2) DSC_0859 (2) DSC_0860 (2) DSC_0865 (2) DSC_0872 (2) DSC_0873 (2) DSC_0877 (2)
It's been rainy here lately so it was too dark in the barns for photos but little miss got to see them getting ready for a horse show which made her day. We were looking for our family's hog but we couldn't find it. Perhaps they weren't there yet? We saw some from Clarion and Webster City, but not theirs...
DSC_0889 (2)
My next post will be all about the Fiber-y stuff. I have 3 FO's to photograph and little man has a FO!  I'm hoping to have a 4th and maybe a 5th, we'll see.  More about that next time - it's been an exciting week ;)
I'm not sure if the minions and I will actually pay to go to the Fair this year or not.  It ends up costing a small fortune to park, get in and buy a bit of food and go on a few rides...  I do like to check out the photos and the Fabrics and Threads exhibit though.  Every year I tell myself that I should enter something, but I haven't so far.  Maybe next year...  Who knows, maybe we'll head out there this year if I feel up to it.
Fortunately for me, I am finally over the worst of it I think and am feeling more normal though I still sound awful. Gotta love a Summer viral extravaganza!
DSC_0898 (2)

Back to my knitting/patterns.

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