Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fibery Happenings

It would seem that the Dreams in Fiber household had been squeezing in as much as they possibly can these past few weeks.  I have been knitting quite a bit in the hopes that I could get a few WiP's finished up and some patterns written and knit and though I didn't finish everything I wanted to before the start of school, I got a decent amount done :)

The Molly Scarflette is a new free pattern that is listed on Ravelry.  I happened upon a skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted and though it would make a fun shorter scarf that could wrap around the neck without getting too crazy.  Might have to make one for me someday.

DSC_0916 (2)
Another pattern that I posted to Ravelry recently was the Forest Cowl. I love stranded knitting and as per my usual, this was knit quickly so I could see what the colors did when put next to one another.
DSC_0922 (2)
Last year around the Holidays, I started knitting a cowl for someone at the school I work at. I had knit a good chunk of it and for whatever reason I didn't think I could get it finished in time so I went a different route and saved this for this year's gift giving. I picked it up earlier this month and looked at the amount of yarn attached to the WiP and was rather perplexed as to why I couldn't get it finished; there wasn't a whole lot of yarn left and my goal was to just keep knitting until I ran out as to not have more leftover yarn and it worked. I had just this wee little bit left when all was said and done and the project blocked out to the length specified in the pattern.
DSC_0907 (2)
The cowl was kept in a project bag that one of my Thursday Night Knitting Ladies made and after I had washed, blocked, and seamed the cowl I went to fold the project bag up and put it away but it wouldn't fold nicely. o.O I found this inside.
DSC_0909 (2)
No idea why the yarn was split but it would explain why I didn't think I had time to finish it last December ;) Just goes to show, you should never let a project languish that long or you'll wind up with leftovers!
Earlier this year I dropped off a bunch of wool at the mill for processing and didn't expect it to be finished until late September. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised last week when I heard that it was ready! I love how the browns turned out. The fibers were blended first and then spun so the fingering weight skeins and the worsted weight skeins only vary by plies and weight, not by color. Each skein and roving are at least 50% Suffolk Blend and some have merino and alpaca blended in for good measure. These are the fingering weight colors; the worsted skeins look just like them color-wise so I'll just put up the one photo.
DSC_0982 (2)
You can see the difference between the fingering 2ply skein (left) and the 3ply worsted skein (right) in this photo.
DSC_0951 (2)
BUT, there's also roving... There are three lighter blends that are subtly different from one another. The outside rovings are each 100% Suffolk wool blend but from different fleeces hence the differences in color. The middle is a blend of Suffolk wool, alpaca, and merino.
DSC_0953 (2)
These are all Suffolk Blend/merino/alpaca blends in varying percentages.
DSC_0961 (2)
I've been busy at work so I haven't had a chance to knit or spin it yet but I will, soon. I did list the skeins up in my Etsy shop but I haven't gotten around to the rovings yet.
DSC_0918 (2)
See that wee gray blanket? Little man knit that :) That's right, little man asked me to teach him to knit a few weeks ago and he's taken to it really well! He is starting out by making little blankets for his stuffed animals and things but has also progressed to some Holiday knitting of his own and is working on some secret projects as we speak. He's even a member of Ravelry now and is loving all of it. I lent him my straight needles since I don't use them very often and raided my stash so he could start a stash of his own. I'm very proud of my little guy!
Last weekend we went to the lake for my FIL's birthday weekend and I happened upon a coaster pattern earlier that morning so I whipped up a "coaster" in the car. Granted, I used a larger yarn and hook but this came out huge. It will be used as a pretty trivet I think. It's my Donegal Tweed Aran in the Highlander colorway.
  DSC_0044 (2)
Also finished this past weekend were little miss' back to school socks. This is vintage Fresh From the Cauldron yarn in a base no longer available in the Wicked Colorway.
DSC_0073 (2)
I don't think I'll call this an official FO because I've only knit 1, but this fingerless mitt will be a new free pattern on Ravelry once I get around to writing it up formally. It was knit using my Expedition DK in the Lily colorway and was inspired by Lily from the Harry Potter series, but also one of my favorite flowers, Lily of the Valley.
DSC_0125 (2) DSC_0118 (2)
It will have shaped thumbs, just like I like them!
DSC_0156 (2)
I do have one more FO but I haven't photographed him yet. Plus I need to make him some clothes - we can't have a naked FO running all over the internet now can we?
It's been a productive month but I still have lots to do....  Perhaps my Holiday knitting wont be too shabby this year.  Perhaps...

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