Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Park Outing

The hubby and I took the minions to a nearby park that we like to go to; there's a pond and a playground and hiking trails...

DSC_0535 (2) DSC_0551 (2) DSC_0560 (2)
The minions and hubby got in a game of hide-and-seek on the playground equipment.

DSC_0575 (2) DSC_0578 (2)
It's not always easy to hide on playground equipment when you're an adult....

DSC_0582 (2)

They had fun playing just the same though.  Who said trees aren't part of the equipment?

DSC_0630 (2) DSC_0640 (2)
Then it was off to the pond and a nature hike.  None of us saw the Blue Heron sitting there until we scared it away.  Unfortunately (for him) he kept swooping ahead to where we had to walk since we were on a trail so we scared him away a few times before we reached our chosen destination.
DSC_0679 (2) DSC_0734 (2) DSC_0741 (2) DSC_0745 (2) DSC_0756 (2)

We came across a bridge while ambling along the trail. Why is it so hard to get a normal posed shot?  I should just forget the posing all together and just stick with candid ones.

DSC_0696 (2)
Ooh, here's another bridge.  Can we pull it together?  Nope. 

DSC_0802 (2)
Here's a few other shots of things and critters I happened to notice along the way.
DSC_0604 (2) DSC_0610 (2) DSC_0642 (2) DSC_0652 (2) DSC_0657 (2)

So serious...
DSC_0705 (2)
DSC_0729 (2)
In a goofy mood today.
DSC_0712 (2) DSC_0725 (2) DSC_0732 (2) DSC_0742 (2) DSC_0765 (2) DSC_0774 (2) DSC_0783 (2) DSC_0784 (2) DSC_0790 (2) DSC_0793 (3) DSC_0797 (2) DSC_0817 (2) DSC_0820 (2) DSC_0822 (2) DSC_0823 (2) DSC_0826 (2)


Mason & Karen said...

I like A hiding on the slide :)

hobbes4 said...

Great photos, Erica! You get better every day. Your grandpa would be very impressed.