Sunday, June 29, 2014


I thought I would show you my lovelies...

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It looks like my venture into tomato growing might actually work! Ha!
DSC_1358 (2) DSC_1359 (2)
I have some of each of the 4 varieties growing so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though (as to not jinx it too badly) because I have yet to actually harvest one... Upon closer inspection I found little Adipose checking things out for me as well.
DSC_1360 (2)
For being a blob of fat, Adipose sure loves his veggies! He's an active one, that's for sure. When he's not tending to the garden, he likes to climb trees and play a little basketball - his favorite game is "best of 5" against little man.
  DSC_1363 (2) DSC_1371 (2)
I couldn't quite get a full frame on him during his acrobatics but I got the dismount...
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I wish my adipose was this cute.

DSC_1364 (2)

Adipose was actually made back in March but I never got around to photographing it. Not sure why, but there you go. I thought I would get caught up on other project photos while I was at it. As I mentioned earlier, I began little man's shawl right after I finished little miss'. His was finished last Thursday during Knit Night. It felt so good to be able to go to Knit Night once again - I don't think I made it since last February or March due to baseball and soccer schedules... Thursdays are mine once again - for now at least :)
DSC_1356 (2) DSC_1354 (2)
Speaking of little man, here he is with this year's participation trophy.
DSC_1339 (2)
I don't know what my deal is but I have felt rather spastic ever since Summer Break began as far as my crafting is concerned. I am having trouble focusing on what I want to work on and as a result, I have began work on this and that and this and that... Part of it is that the Holidays are coming right around the corner. You crafters out there know what I'm talking about. Knowing that I wont have as much time to create once school resumes in the Fall has sent me into a sort of tail spin and I have been planning out Holiday gifts and tentative schedules which has provided me with daily headaches. It's been awesome. In an attempt to not have to think too hard (and bring about more/bigger headaches) I have been trying to keep the projects I have actually started rather simple and mindless.
Take these for instance. I bought this yarn many many years ago now and made 2 scarves out of it in fact (though I don't think either recipient actually wears them, oh well). I still had a bunch of leftovers and since late Spring/early Summer is my selfish knitting time I thought I would make myself a thicker pair of socks using the leftovers. I was going strong and knit about 6 inches worth and decided that the yarn didn't want to be socks. Instead, the yarn chose to be a fun thicker pair of arm warmers (aka: a mindless tube instead of a mindless pair of socks).
  DSC_0003 (2)
Well, 1 arm warmer - I have to CO for the second. I'll do that later today after I get more done on little man's back to school socks. I want it known that I am starting the minions' annual back to school socks IN JUNE and not August; fingers crossed that the other WiP's don't lead me astray.  So right now I have back to school socks, selfish knitting, Holiday Knitting, weaving, cross stitch, quilting, spinning, designing, what feels like a gazillion other WiP's, and dye plans all floating around my head in addition to all the other work/Mom/domestic stuff I get to do. It's no wonder my head always seems to hurt lately.
I did mention spinning though, didn't I? I have ONE more sample to spin from the Phat Fiber Box I received maybe 2 years ago now.  Is it 2 years or 3 or 1? I don't remember and it doesn't matter anyway. The end is in sight and I have no idea what to make with all the mini skeins. Here's the most recent 3 that I spindled during the week my SIL and her family were in town.
DSC_0001 (2)
I'll take a photo of the complete Phat skein haul once I finish the last fiber sample :) Maybe inspiration will strike once all the skeins are hanging out together.
Here's a random view of my porch garden - perhaps it will inspire you somehow.
DSC_1384 (2)

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