Sunday, June 29, 2014

8 Years

Someone had a birthday this past week and that someone was little miss!  My baby is now 8 years old... 

DSC_1374 (2)
We had a little bit of trouble deciding on what type of party to have this year; the deliberation began sometime in January if memory serves. Eventually she settled on a party outside at a park but by the time the decision was made, everything around us was booked so we reverted to Plan B which was a house party followed by family over for dinner.  This is what 8 years old looks like these days :)
DSC_1350 (2)
It turns out that a house party was just what we needed because, though the weather was nice for her "friend party" the rains came pouring down shortly after the family members arrived. She said it was the "best birthday ever!" so THANK YOU! everybody! Little miss came outside this morning while I was taking photos of this and that and I tried to get a few pictures of her. Little man was quick to photobomb.
DSC_1377 (2)
He better watch out or she'll let him have it!
DSC_1378 (2)
"That's better", she said.
DSC_1379 (2)
Happy Birthday, Little Miss! We love you so much :D

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Mason & Karen said...

Happy Birthday!!! 8…holy moly. Z was happy to chat with you on your big day and H was singing "Happy NeeNee" on repeat :)