Monday, June 23, 2014

Pool Time

There's only one sure-fire way to beat the Summer heat in Iowa... water must be involved!

DSC_0245 (2) DSC_0253 (2) DSC_0262 (2)
These photos were taken during the first morning everyone was there; the ladies went to the lake Monday morning while the boys and I stayed behind on for little man's ballgame so we got in late on Monday night. I was trying to take a few pictures of the kids in the pool and said "smile" to H. This was the result and the result of almost every "smile" from thereon during the week ;)
DSC_0282 (2) DSC_0287 (2)
There's just something about water on a hot day!
DSC_0330 (2) DSC_0431 (2) DSC_0320 (2) DSC_0357 (2) DSC_0366 (2) DSC_0289 (2) DSC_0725 (2) DSC_0741 (2) DSC_0737 (2) DSC_0728 (2) DSC_0745 (2) DSC_0437 (2) DSC_0748 (2) DSC_0753 (2)

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