Monday, June 23, 2014

Activities Close to Home

Thunderstorms happen; it's Summer in Iowa.  One of the things my SIL K misses since moving out to the Pacific Northwest is the Midwest Thunderstorm.  I'm happy to report that she got to experience a few during her stay - K, you're welcome ;)

DSC_0643 DSC_0648 (2)
Given the sometimes-iffy-weather, some of our time last week was spent closer to home. The minions and cousins played in the sand, bags were thrown, bubbles were blown, a party was held, lounging commenced, and new toys were brought out. The minions wanted to help Grandpa H make new toys for Z and H so they set out a few months ago with the cutting and sanding. Little man was helping to make a plane for Z and little miss was helping to make a pull-behind toy for H. Little man loved the plane so much my FIL made another for him in secret :)
DSC_0383 (2) DSC_0385 (2) DSC_0387 (2) DSC_0408 (2) DSC_0379 (2) DSC_0410 (2) DSC_0423 (2) DSC_0412 (2) DSC_0419 (2) DSC_0533 (2)
The joint birthday party was held earlier in the week and the bubbles were the big hit!
DSC_0556 (2) DSC_0597 (2) DSC_0618 (2) DSC_0625 (2)
You're never too old for bubbles...
DSC_0610 (2)

Grandpa H even got his first smooch from H after a little bean bribe... ;)

DSC_0772 (2)

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Mason & Karen said...

Love the one of H and Dad. Glad you caught that because I missed it over and over (well, I would have gotten it the second time if Z hadn't raced in for another handful of beans).