Monday, June 23, 2014


If that last post didn't have enough water in it for you, you might enjoy this next segment of photos...  I took somewhere around 950 photos last week and have been trying to whittle it down for the blog...  There are a few more photos on my Flickr page as usual.

I have to say, I am insanely proud of my minions.  Not only were they great with the cousins, they finally, FINALLY, began to relax in the water and once they got started, they were swimming all over the lake.  I have spent how much money during Summers past for swim lessons where they spent less than 5 minutes of their half hour actually swimming.  Out of that frustration, I haven't signed them up for anything yet this Summer but perhaps I should now that they are more comfortable in the water (aka: no longer tight little sinking balls of stress).

Both minions started out rather hesitant and it took Uncle M jumping in to start things off.

DSC_0448 (3) DSC_0449 (2) DSC_0450 (2)
Then it was little man's turn.
DSC_0453 (2) DSC_0461 (2) DSC_0488 (2) DSC_1065 (2) DSC_1081 (2)
Little miss wasn't far behind.
DSC_1026 (2) DSC_1061 (2) DSC_1055 (2) DSC_1044 (2)
Both minions were swimming to the other side of the cove and back before all was said and done.
DSC_1076 (2)
Little man decided to lounge and go on a boat ride while little miss found delight in jumping in off the dock.
DSC_0980 (2) DSC_0999 (2) DSC_1142 (2)
Z wasn't too keen on swimming in the lake but followed in little man's footsteps when it came to getting others wet :)
  DSC_1070 (2) DSC_1079 (2)
Friends of my SIL K and BIL M came in from Nebraska to spend the weekend catching up. Fun was had by all.

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