Monday, June 23, 2014

A New Toy

In honor of my SIL and her family's visit, the in-laws splurged on a new toy.  The timing of the unveil was right because the water closer to the shore wasn't particularly inviting thanks to the weather and heat.

DSC_0776 (2)
The water in the main lake was much better.
DSC_0939 (2)
Can you guess what the new toy was? The hubby and minions had the first ride.
  DSC_0777 (2) DSC_0796 (2) DSC_0799 (2) DSC_0817 (2) DSC_0839 (3)
We pulled them in and took time to blow the raft back up - the plug had come undone during their ride so the entire lower portion was almost out of air by the time they were done. While they were doing that I grabbed my other lens and it was SIL K's turn with H and Z. H was even waving to little man right off the bat!
DSC_0850 (2) DSC_0859 (2) DSC_0873 (2)
I think they enjoyed it. They made it half way around the lake so the minions took my MIL for a go back to the house. Little miss is all about speed.
DSC_0898 (2) DSC_0934 (2) DSC_0954 (2) DSC_0943 (2)
I'm not sure if my MIL enjoyed the ride as much as the minions did but there will be more rides in the future, that's for sure!

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Mason & Karen said...

Super fun! Next time we'll make sure to do a Mama's ride with some vino ;)