Monday, June 23, 2014

Farmer Song Fest

I thought I would save the Farmer Song Fest photos for last.  It's rather fitting since it was the last big event of the week.  Our entire group got to the Fest early for registration.

The event started off with a 5K run that my SIL K completed and a kids fun run that the minions completed.  Pre-race:

DSC_1148 (2) DSC_1150 (2) DSC_1162 (2) DSC_1165 (2)
There was even time before the race to catch some frogs.
DSC_1157 (2) DSC_1161 (2)
This was the first "official race" for both minions. Little man took 2nd and little miss came in 3rd.
DSC_1179 (2) DSC_1183 (2)
Z ended up walking back to the start with my BIL M (who was having some knee pain) but they took his arrival as his "official time" and his name was announced as the overall men's winner. M straightened things out and the true winner was announced. I didn't think to take a picture of the scorecard but perhaps my in-laws could get a copy from the family that puts on the event each year - it's close to their lake house and they've known them for a handful of years now.
DSC_1189 (2) DSC_1190 (2) DSC_1191 (2) DSC_1192 (2)
We settled in and waited for my SIL K. Little man caught more frogs and H had fun playing around in the dirt.
DSC_1229 (2) DSC_1231 (2) DSC_1206 (3) DSC_1215 (3) DSC_1207 (2)
DSC_1241 (2)
Then it was time for the music. Zorya was the first band, followed by Pumptown, and then Useful Jenkins. It was a good show.
  DSC_1247 (2) DSC_1265 (2) DSC_1272 (2) DSC_1261 (2) DSC_1263 (2) DSC_1276 (3)

As with all good things, the week come to an end and we ended things with some family photos. My SIL K can edit out feet and things in the background so I'll see what she can come up with once she gets home and settled.

DSC_1301 (2)
Thanks to a bunny ear epidemic we didn't actually get a decent family photo either, but she said she can fix that too.

DSC_1315 (2)

The minions are pretty bummed today and are moping around lamenting the fact that their cousins had to go back home. It would be nice if they were closer but they've made a nice little home for themselves out West and are happy so, perhaps one day... I'm sure I'll have other photos to post once I receive them from my SIL K and MIL. These were just some of the ones I took this past week.
 Until the next time we see you guys, Smile, H!

DSC_1319 (2)

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Mason & Karen said...

Great pics again! I absolutely love the one of Z and H together while listening to music. And the ones of her wallowing in the dirt really highlight her closeness to nature :)