Monday, April 28, 2014

A Little Outdoor Time

Last weekend the Dreams in Fiber Household headed to the in-laws' lake house so the hubby could meet up with one of his baseball clients.  We got down there rather late since we had a soccer game, a baseball game, and Opening Ceremonies for little man's Little League during the day.  Just before reaching the house we spotted a rather large turtle on the road and took a walk after we unloaded to see if we could find it.  No luck.  We enjoyed ourselves anyway.

Once we got back to the house lines were thrown in the hopes that fish would be caught.  We didn't have any luck there either but it was rather understandable given the temperatures and the incoming storm fronts.

The storm fronts made for a lovely cloud display!

We didn't stay very long on Sunday - more storms were fast approaching.  I took a few minutes to meander around though.

Little miss had an agenda for the day and during one of the breaks in the rain she made the most of her time by placing the Mother's Day gift she made for me last year in the garden - a butterfly hotel.  I don't actually get to keep it at my house, but there are more butterflies at the lake so it makes sense; I can enjoy it while I am down there - assuming the bees and wasps don't take it over....  Poor thing got photobombed while she was trying to take a picture with her masterpiece.

We shooed the hooligans away so she could get her shots.

Little man made me a birdhouse in the shape of a lighthouse that he will keep up at the house so I'll have photos of that when we get the post in :)  Photos of the new pet are on my phone - I'll have to upload those a different time.

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