Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Madness

Soccer season is officially upon us and I have found myself in the role of Assistant Coach on little miss' soccer team.  As much as I enjoy watching soccer, I never actually played and am in no way qualified for the position.  No one else would take it so we'll make it work!

Little miss is enjoying herself so far despite taking a year off for dance last year.  I managed to take some pictures during one of her games while I was waiting for my coaching badge to come in because I don't know if I will be able to take any during the games from now on since I will be with the team.  Perhaps I can, we'll see.


They call themselves the "Purple Dragons".  

She's fierce when she wants to be and has a "heavy foot" which means she has a nice strong kick.

It should be an interesting season :)

Little man's baseball season is in full effect as well, but due to weather, I haven't been able to get any photos yet.  He has a few games this week though so perhaps the stars will align and I will get some pictures of him up on the blog.  I should also mention that as of today, little man has run the equivalent of 2 marathons during his recesses - he continues to run a mile during his lunch recess throughout the week (weather permitting) and will continue to do so through the remainder of the year.  I'll have to start running with him again this Summer - perhaps my shin splints will leave me alone this time!  I am in the final (victory) week of the P90X3 program and am feeling good despite any recognizable changes to the 'ol physique....  Oh well.  That's what you get when you're an endomorph I guess.  That said, I have my fingers crossed for a more drastic change when I repeat the program for a second time starting on Monday.  As much as I would love to drop a pound or two, ahem, I didn't go into it just for weight loss and am happy that my endurance and strength and balance have improved :)  

Summer Break is fast approaching and I am READY!  This schedule of mine is pure madness right now and I am looking forward to being able to breathe and create without feeling guilty about it.  Plus, I have a new mania that I am dying to jump into - more on that later ;)

I'm still plugging away on my WiP's and geeky cross stitch when I catch a minute here and there but it is insanely slow-going right now.  Little man wants me to teach him to knit and spin this Summer - stay tuned for that!

Also, stay tuned for pictures of little miss' new pet and fishing pics from last weekend.  I'll give you a hint - the Dreams in Fiber household has 24 legs now!

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Mason & Karen said...

Little miss looks fierce and HAPPY about playing soccer! Good for her. Good for you on the P90X…that is no joke!