Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Daily Adventures

I have this dream where I am sitting in the middle of a clearing in the woods with my knitting and a raspberry lemonade and I am just enjoying the fact that I have the option of doing nothing. That lovely little image looks nothing like my days of late ;) Baseball, soccer, more baseball, mowing, school stuff, work stuff, more baseball, laundry... Sound familiar? Somehow we only have 3 more days of school left, 1 of which will be taken up with a field trip to a local park/rec area. It's been busy. The minions enjoyed Field Day last week - I was one of the ones in charge of it so it's nice to be done with that little piece of work. I wandered around the grounds all day with my camera and my nurse's backpack and didn't manage to get a decent pic of little miss. Grabbed a few of little man though.

DSC_0638 (2) DSC_0771 (2) DSC_0773 (2)
Little man is growing - again - and is now only about 3 inches shorter than I am... Good thing I don't have to buy jeans for a while - he's only in them once or twice before they turn into high-waters. Here are a few shots of him warming up before a game.
DSC_0682 (2) DSC_0635 (2) DSC_0619 (2) DSC_0662 (2)
The hubby deals with his frustration over the team's "general disinterest" with sunflower seeds. It's been a long season - only about half of the team really wants to be there which is hard to watch. Improvements have been made though and I foresee the core group continuing to practice throughout the Summer like they did last year.
DSC_0690 (2)
 Getting hit by a pitch hurts...

DSC_0740 (2)

...but only for a little while ;) Besides pitching, little man enjoys center field and catching.
DSC_0716 (2)
The Dreams in Fiber household headed to the in-law's lake house for part of Memorial Day Weekend - more projects needed to be done. This time it was fixing part of the driveway and removing the bricks in the horseshoe pits, leveling them out, and replacing all the bricks. Again.
  DSC_0288 (2)
That may not sound like fun, but it provided a rather unexpected yet cool opportunity to delve into the wild kingdom. Lurking beneath the bricks was a plethora of bugs.  I would not say that I am a bug person.  I don't really want to touch them or have them living in my house but I also cannot ignore the fact that I am a Geek and in general, insects are pretty darn fascinating - their alien bodies, their lifecycles, their daily routines....
Little man was super excited to find cicaca nymphs hanging out in their holes.  It looked like a giant apartment building - holes and canals were everywhere. 
DSC_0112 (2) DSC_0141 (2)
Worms and roly poly bugs were found in an abundance. In fact, many worms were saved that day and relocated to the garden beds.
DSC_0085 (2)
The coolest part - as far as I am concerned - were the ants; I have never seen part of their colony before. Okay, yes, in school I'm sure we touched on it and I've seen it in books but by removing the bricks, we basically removed their "ceiling" and some of their eggs were exposed. Those ants are fast! As soon as the bricks were lifted they immediately swarmed around the eggs and moved them to safer area. I'm going to have to look into this topic further because I saw a couple different types of eggs in the pits. Little man, this does not mean that we will have an ant farm in the house - NO ants in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DSC_0124 (2) DSC_0172 (2) DSC_0183 (2)

We didn't want to hurt the bugs so we made sure the cicada nymphs were back in their holes and that the ant colonies weren't disturbed too terribly much. Turns out that my MIL went to the pits later that afternoon and hosed everything down with a bunch of insecticide so I'm sure they all died despite our efforts to make sure they survived. I was rather bummed to find that out but they aren't my horseshoe pits so... yeah.  At least we saved some of the worms!

It wasn't all work over the weekend, we did mange to play outside and take walks, we went for a boat ride and the minions went for a paddleboat ride.  Little man got to harvest spinach and I got to take a few pictures :)

DSC_0084 (2)
Here are a few photos of the weekend, in no particular order.
DSC_0056 (2) DSC_0001 (2) DSC_0007 (2) DSC_0051 (2) DSC_0024 (2) DSC_0020 (2) DSC_0012 (2) DSC_0052 (2) DSC_0060 (2) DSC_0236 (2) DSC_0222 (2) DSC_0261 (2) DSC_0272 (2) DSC_0259 (2)
SIL K, the minions wanted me to officially issue you a throwdown. Next time they see you, it's chubby bunny time! They are not joking around!
DSC_0239 (2) DSC_0240 (2)
There has to be something fiber-y, right? I managed to finish a pair of socks for myself during any odd moments that I could find during my day - waiting in line, riding in the car... I started them back in March so by no means are these breaking a speed record, but I'm happy to put them in the drawer just the same! This was my Rosie the Riveter colorway knit up in my Hermione Sock Pattern. I thought they needed a splash of color so I added in some leftover Bring Me Her Heart for the heels and toes. Now all I can think of are superhero costumes when I look at them :)
DSC_0276 (2) DSC_0279 (2)
Until next time... :)

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Ok, that pic of little man kneeling during warm up - he could be a teenager! Not. Ready. And tell them to bring their A game to the chubby bunny competition. They're going down!!